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Brad Spencer

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4.5 Reasons Why Domaining Sucks (and How Not To Fail As a Domainer)
April 15, 2009
Who are these domainers out there who are successfully investing in domain names? And what are they doing that makes Domaining Not Suck So Bad? And why do they have a Ferrari and all the newbie domainers are driving a Moped?

Penguin Guide to Investing in Domains and Domaining
November 27, 2008
Penguins have a way of making it through even the most adverse conditions. Think the North Pole... not an easy place to survive. The World of Domaining can also be a tough place to thrive.

Domain Investor: 4 Factors for Developing Your Own Domain Investment Style
October 09, 2008
So you want to be a domain investor? Maybe you need a little extra cash on the side, or you know an industry pretty well, or you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak a mile wide… No matter what your reasons, becoming a domain investor is as easy as buying a domain name.



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