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Catherrine Garcia

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Guide to Moving your WordPress Website to HTTPS / SSL
August 02, 2019
With numerous data breach incidents taking place even at the end of data biggies such as Google and LastPass, the digital world of websites and online shopping seems to be getting tougher to secure now more than ever.

Typical Signs You've Outgrown Your Web Hosting Service
February 01, 2018
Choosing an appropriate web hosting service is a stepping stone to running a successful and a visitor engaging website. Regardless of the type of website you own, a great web hosting service is like the spine that supports and powers the core of your website

Does Using a New Domain Extension Negatively Impact Your SEO?
January 18, 2018
Domains play a very integral role when it comes to the recognition of a website of a business or a brand. Interestingly, domain names extensions have a role to play in the Search Engine Optimization as well; at least a lot of SEO experts say so.



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