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David G. Holland

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Transform Your Domains Into Complete Websites
July 28, 2009
Have you ever landed on a parking page? Chances are, yes, you have. And the chances are that you also instantly closed the window, without looking or clicking at the ads displayed there. This is a very bad not only for sponsors, but for domain owners too. You are losing domain value, losing valuable traffic, and most importantly, losing money.

Domain parking is dead
August 19, 2008
But why? Let's analyze the situation as a whole. Big and small domainers search on a daily basis for good domains, as well buy and sell great ones. Unfortunately, by the day's end, both big and small domainers are still parking their domains and waiting for a good deal on them. Some people don't realize how bad it is to have those terrible pages full of links. And some, think it's good to have something on the domain until they don't sell it. Well, you're doing nothing. You're just losing the chance to earn lots of money with your domain name and raise it's rank, so you have a successful sale.



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