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Maneet Puri

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Make Your Web Presence A Sure Shot Success - In 10 Straight Steps
February 04, 2009
Creating a web presence is an easy job. All you need to do is to get a website build and place it on the World Wide Web to claim space in cyberspace.

Active Server Pages - ASP -- Pros and Cons
December 12, 2007
Active Server Pages or ASP.NET is a new programming framework from Microsoft for deploying next generation web applications. It is a structure built on the Common Language Runtime and introduces a new model to server-side web development.

Must-Read Tips For Domain Name Registration
November 05, 2007
If you are an average internet user, then you must be pretty familiar with the term 'domain name'. In layman terms, it is a unique name given to address a particular website each time you visit it on the internet. However, technically speaking, a domain name means much more than that.

Tips On Optimizing Your Internet Security
October 23, 2007
While you browse through internet with gay abandon, someone might be spying or hacking your computer security to steal your passwords and other important details from your computer which you might not be even aware of.

Customizable Vs. Custom Application
September 28, 2007
For deploying a website there are always two approaches a) use a third party product, customize it for your needs or b) develop an application specifically tailored for your needs. Most of the times nature of website to be deployed is generic i.e. it will be a web store, an informational website, a placement website or a product catalogue etc.



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