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Morgan Linton

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5 Ways to Improve Your Domain Investments
September 09, 2009
I get a lot of emails from new Domainers looking for ways to improve their domain investments. While there are hundreds of techniques to do this - I thought I'd post my top five that have worked for me and my company in growing our domain revenue. Remember, at the end of the day your domains should get traffic organically from search engines. If you are paying for traffic then you aren't really growing a passive income stream and what makes an investment an investments is something that grows on its own.

Generating Organic Traffic to your Domains - building your Domain Investments
February 02, 2009
At a time where flat is the new up it seems hard to believe that anyone could expect to sell anything for 10x, 20x or more than their initial purchase price - but in the domaining world, that't not all too hard. Domain names are relatively small investments - on average we hand reg our domains for under $10. Turning that $10 into $100 or even $1000 might not be quite as hard as you think.

Are you afraid of a world without parking?
October 17, 2008
Let's face it - the domaining world is changing forever. Whether you like it or not domain investments will be defined by the value of what is actually on the domain itself more and more. This has scared many domainers and caused them to quickly put-up their entire portfolios for sale as they watch their parking revenue go down the tubes.

Buying and Selling Domains Safely with Pay Pal
July 14, 2008
I am frequently asked by readers for my stance on paying for domains with Pay Pal, or accepting payment for domains through Pay Pal. I think it is always best to learn from experience and as a domain investment firm we have a lot of experience buying and selling domain names.



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