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What makes a domain sellable, part 4
June 23, 2008
Revenue, makes a domain sellable but tread carefully or you can get burned. For the buyers I have this one strong piece of advice. Unless the name has other intrinsic qualities i.e., has legs or is some obvious category killer, you can lose your ass. Today I'll look at ways it helps and focus on ways it hurts.

What makes a domain sellable, part 3
June 16, 2008
Does it have legs? It means that when your site is up and running, it'll keep on running further and further. It implies that it can continue to get bigger and more profitable as time goes on.

What makes a domain sellable part 2
June 09, 2008
In this entry, I’m going to rant about something even less tangible. It’s whether or not the name is exciting. Boring names are not sellable.

What makes a domain sellable?
May 30, 2008
I sell domains so I’m much more concerned with what names people want to buy and what they’ll pay then I am about their true value. What I mean by that is, I’m not one of those guys that thinks that every domain is priceless or needs to have a huge price tag on it. I try very hard to be realistic when putting numbers on them.



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