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Registering An Effective Domain Name

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Eka Man
November 29, 2006

Eka Man
Eka Man has been working in Internet marketing business for 3 years and wants to share his knowledge to starters or people who want a website of their own. Visit 2 Build to learn about building a website.
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If you are thinking about building a website, registering a domain name is an important step. Registering an effective domain name is just as important as choosing a company name. It can also communicate to your customers the type of products or service you sell online. An easy and understanding to remember domain name is the goal of every site owner. So I have some tips to registering the best domain name.

Please bear in mind that domain name is very important and more important than web hosting.

First, What is Domain Name?

The name of a website. A unique name that represents each computer on the Internet world. The DNS (Domain Name Server) converts the domain name to an IP (Internet Protocol) that is similar to the telaphone number. Because it is hard to remember IP adress, the DNS make it easier by using letters instread of typing So, you can type that makes more convinent.

• The domain name has to contain a mininum of 2 characters but no more than 67 characters. The shorter is the better.
• The domain name is not case sensitive, so is not different from WWW.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM . But using capitalised text is quiet unpolite.
• The domain name contains letters, numbers, hyphens but no space. However, you cannot use hyphens as the first or last characters of your domain name.

Type of Domain names

• Paid Domain Names like or etc. The advantage is that you own the domain name, but you have to pay for it.
Free Domain Names like or . These are free but you do not own the domain name. Also, there may be advertiments and many terms of service.
• Domain Names from a free host such as or that is very hard to remember.Also, 90% of them have the advertiment (Banner or Pop up).

How to Register a Domain Name?

Before registering a domain name, you have to check the Domain Name Avaliability at When you have the domain name you want, go to a domain name registering company or web hosting company. And register it. After that, you have to make the Domain name and the web hosting know each other by setting the Name server and the DNS of web hosting at your domain name. For example, this is the name server of

Primary server IP = Secondary server IP = Finish. Importantly, choosing a good company to register a domain name by…..

• Do you retain sole ownership of domain name ?
• Does the domain name registering company allow you to tranfer the domain to another company?
• Is there an online control panel for domain name administration?
• Is it easy to change the domain name server (DNS) ? In case that you change the web hosting company.

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