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Eight Untapped keyword research Sources

The success of any online business depends on getting the right keywords for your internet marketing campaign social media services.

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Nathan Gomez
December 09, 2015

Nathan Gomez

Nathan is an enthusiastic Blogger. He maintains keen interest in progress and development in the Technological space. He also provides consultancy to small and medium sized companies to build their brands online, design and execute their online marketing strategy to propel business growth.

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The success of any online business depends on getting the right keywords for your internet marketing campaign social media services. 

Many people, both beginners and some seasoned SEOs struggle to get the attention of the few known keyword research sources.

Looking beyond the limited comfort of key work planner opens to you a green field of untapped research sources. It is only bread and butter on the other side. Here are eight untapped keyword research sources that you have been ignoring all this time, but they are pure gold.

Google books

Google Books service is a gold mine that allows you to search for your keywords – gold – from millions of magazines and books scanned by Google. 

It is simple – log into Search for the keyword, such as “Billboards”, that you want. Choose the one that fits you the most from the result – for instance, I choose “Marketing”.

Skimming through the contents avails many long tail keywords such as:

•    Truck side billboards

•    Electronic billboards

Use the GKP to check the result for the keywords.

Related Searches and Auto Suggestions on Bing

Related Searches and Auto Suggestions on Bing

Many SEO experts are too drunk with Google that they forget to mention others search engines will talking about related searches and auto suggestions. Desist from this.

You can use Bing to research for your keywords. This is how you do it:

Go to, type a generic keyword, say guns.

Use keyword planner to evaluate the performance of each related or suggested long tail keyword. for Long Tail Keywords

Soovle is a free tool. It is easy to use and saves time. It shows suggestion data from Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, and

If you are looking for advertising related keywords, you can use “billboards”. Solve collects the suggested results for you. Choose the most promising keywords.


Apart from providing information on various topics, Wikipedia can be a keywords goldmine. You may be researching on types of advertising. You may know much about radio, television, but billboards? Well, you will jump into Wikipedia where you will learn about billboards and find related terms.

At sixth most popular website, Wikipedia ranks fourth on Google list. Where is a more suited place to research your keywords if not a page that boasts over 300 million unique visitors?

Online reviews 

This is a rather mutual process but is worth the time and effort. Online reviews of your services and products or that of your competitor review solutions based keywords. 

Skimming through the review you will find a dozen of keywords, which the clients are likely to use on the search engines.

Yahoo Ads

The ads on Yahoo have money minting potential keywords. You can get ads for any generic head term you have. 

You can also search for ads related to any head term, and it gives various terms related it. You can get high potential keywords from the Yahoo ads.

Google auto complete 

Over the years, the Google auto completes algorithm has become intelligent. The autocomplete produces predictions when you type things on the search bar on Google. The predictions are based on the queries that users search on the engine. The suggested keywords phrases can turn out to be gold since they represent exactly what the users are looking for.

This king of e-commerce jungle is a keywords gold mine that controls the purchase-related keyword organic search results.

If you have a product that Amazon sells, here is the place to camp. All you need is to search your keyword on any search engine, locate the Amazon entry from the results and access the landing page, locate the keywords. You can find the keywords in the main header, the text under the header, the item listed or the “show results for" menu.

Essentially, boosting your online presence will be a result of a smart use of the keywords. Knowing where to get the best keywords ensures that you will always play your competitor on their own games.

Winners are using this eight untapped keywords research sources for social media services. The big question is, will you?

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