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How much should you pay for a domain name?

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Check around and you'll see widely varying prices ranging from under $10 to over $30 to register a domain name.

There is no technical difference as to who you register with. Companies differentiate themselves by offering free extras such as:

Forwarding - rerouting the address ie will actually go to
Masking - the forwarding address eg is not shown in your browser, you see only
Parked pages - a temporary one page host address until you create your site.

Curiously it is often the cheaper offers that carry the most free extras.

Companies and individuals might think that they are locked into their up to $70! per year agreements with their original registrar.

This is not True! You may transfer domain name registrations up to the last 30 days of expiry.
(some registrars allow less)

You can save money by transferring to reputable sites like, offering free transfers, and one year extensions for $7.75 per year!

1. Always ensure that Domain Names are registered in your own name, not the name of the registering company.
2. Check that you can transfer your domain name freely,once registered.
Some companies make it difficult or expensive to transfer away from them.
3. Confirm that the annual price remains the same or reduces. Beware of companies who charge a cut-price rate the first year, then increase charges dramatically in the following year.

PS If you read this far in answer to my title question I never pay more than $14.95 per year and typically pay under $10. If the Domain Name is for a business it is worth taking the name (& variants such as .net .biz .ws) for a five or ten year period, locking your price and maximising discounts.


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