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How to Get Started with IDNs - 14 Tips, Techniques and Resources
by Jeff Behrendt May 12, 2008
When it comes to making money in domaining, there are many strategies. But if you are looking to capitalize on one strategy that holds a lot of potential, you should check out IDNs.

Why you should have your own domain name
by Keshav Kauchik February 01, 2008
If you are a student, or creating a website only for your craze of a hobby, than definitely the free web hosts are a better option as there is no point of spending so much on your domain name. But if you are an artist, a designer or a craftsman, than may be you won't want yourself to be seen with a free web host!

Using Expired Domain Scripts to Clinch a Great Expired Domain Name
by John Khu December 13, 2007
As an expired domain name entrepreneur, you may face a number of difficulties and hassles, especially while finding a suitable expired domain name from a large inventory of names. In many cases, you may need to register yourself with an expired domain name searching service to find good domains. In the long run, this exercise will not only prove costly, you may also end up wasting precious time and energy.

Choosing A Merchant Account Provider
by Joe Thompson February 13, 2007
Tips on finding the best merchant account provider for your business.

Website Hosting & Understanding Domains
by Blake Hendrickson January 05, 2007
When you are looking for website hosting, you often consider domain names last. Your website domain name is perhaps on of the most important aspects of your entire website.

What are Trademarks and Why You Need to Take Them Seriously
by Michael Cohen December 13, 2006
Should we conduct a trademark search? When do we file a trademark application? Should be consult a trademark lawyer? These questions are answered by a Los Angeles trademark attorney, Michael N. Cohen, Esq.

Registering An Effective Domain Name
by Eka Man November 29, 2006
If you are thinking about building a website, registering domain name is an important step. Registering an effective domain name is just as important as choosing a company name. It can also communicate to your customers the type of products or service you sell online.

How to Transfer Domain Names
by Joanne King October 26, 2006
Never transferred a domain name before? No sweat! Here is how you can transfer a domain name in 5 easy steps with godaddy. Click here to read more…

Domain Names and Hosting - The Basics
by Sinta Makah October 25, 2006
A few companies have offered cheap domain names, low-cost domain names, below-cost domain names or even free domain registrations, with a variety of models adopted to recoup the costs to the provider.

Domain Name Basics Many Don't Know!
by Sammer Hakim May 17, 2006
Just like people have fingerprints that are unique to them and identify them from billions of other individuals, your website’s domain name is its online fingerprint. So if your site is, you can be sure there’s no other site on the planet with the exact same title.

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