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Choosing Domain Names

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Joanne King
August 28, 2006

Joanne King
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Choosing domain names is very important if you want maximum your visitor ratio raised.


Because the words you place into your domain name will “act” as keywords to help your website be more visible in the search engines.

Especially the first keyword you place in your domain.

You see, I have a few websites that are often found just by the domain name. Something that I’ve noticed is that some people actually search for the information they’re after by typing into the search engines: www.anxiety for example.

If your website is about anxiety, then this could very well be worth at least 30 extra visitors per month to your website!

One of these 30 visitors could be the one that buys your product! Or several extra sign ups to your newsletter.

I’ve just ran a quick search through the Msn.Com website for the keyword “dogs” and just about every front page website for the keyword “dogs” has the word “dogs” in their domain name.

Because most shorter domain names are already taken these days, I usually try to place at least 2 to 3 keywords that describe what my website is about and what people would search for.

Of course this isn’t always necessary, especially if you can grab yourself a lot of high quality link backs to your website… But if you’re starting out, every single visitor you can get counts!

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