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Joanne King
September 26, 2006

Joanne King
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If you are planning to launch a kick butt product and you suspect that your website will take off like a rocket then you may want to consider what this article has to offer you before you buy the domain name.

Here’s the thing…

Lets say you’ve just completed a new product about “How to make money online”. Firstly, you’ll want to come up with something catchy and unique to your product for your domain.

Once you have that name – you may want to consider buying not only the .com but also the .org .net .info etc.

Also keep this in mind… Is it possible that your domain is plural?

For example: or

If so you may also want to consider buying the domain name in both the plural format and without the plural.


Well, if you have a ripper of an idea, other marketers out there will try to “copy” your idea.

You’ve got to ask yourself, do you want to risk having a “copycat” steal your traffic? Because some people will mistype your domain name…

If the answer is “NO”… then it’s well worth your interest to shell out the extra costs of all those domain names.

All the best, and good luck with your project!

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