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How to Make Domain Name Selection Fast and Easy

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Dan Rubin
December 06, 2012

Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin, the author of this article is the founder of - a complete social business networking hub. The Florida based company aims to reach out to all business people who need recognition, exposure and conversions online. He feels Wubb could be the next generation online marketplace for all companies looking to buy business domain names - small as well as large scale. To know more about how it can happen, visit

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Naming is important whether it is for an individual or for a business. Once you decide to start a business you have to consider several business names only to finalize one. The same holds true in case of domain name selection. You have to do a rigorous domain name search to ensure that it defines your business the very best and also makes sense to target audience.

Consulting a webmaster for this can help to some extent, but chances are less that you find the most appropriate domain name that is unique, uncommon, yet easy to remember. Domain registrars are plenty in number but domain name consultants are rare. One can easily register and buy any number of domain names in quick span of time. There are lots of web hosting sites that offer domain name registration service along with hosting plan. It hardly takes couple of days to select a domain name and host it on a server.

However, finding good business domain name is a daunting task. It needs you to put creativity, innovation, language proficiency and domain naming experience - everything in place.

Here are a few considerations before you fix a domain name.

1. Don't look for a name only because it sounds nice. The name should be meaningful to your business and must have IQ (Intelligent Quotient) attached to it. Short, crisp, catchy and easy to read and remember names are ideal. Good names have smart representations. Choice of words and phrase; use of grammar (adjective, conjunction) and representation style play an important role here.

2. Don't select a domain name based on what comes first in your mind. You may not be in a conscious mood to come out with better ideas. It needs long research and careful observation. Moreover, you may not be the best person for this job.

3. Don't refer to suggested domains unless you are completely satisfied. They are auto-generated domains and may not comply with your business objective or target audience. Hundreds of domain name suggestion tools and websites are there to give you this service for free. However, it is not always safe to pick them up for your business. There are drop domains, preoccupied domains or not available domains from the list.

4. Don't be in a hurry to launch your site as you will not get a second chance to change your domain name. Once it is registered it can't be modified ever. Hosting server can be changed but not domain identity. The only option left with you is to delete this domain, keep it inactive or sell it to others at lesser price. Most importantly if you want to change the domain after a year or so, you will loose all its value gained through search engines and visitors. That is sure a big loss.

5. Proper judgment and careful research is necessary to ideate a unique name. Domain name experts are thoroughly aware of this naming process. They are knowledgeable and equipped with fresh and imaginative ideas. Domain name consultants can do permutation-combination, addition-deletion to get you a name that is most relevant and catchy.

6. Know your target market or niche people whom you want to serve. Focus on your main product and services and think how internet users would find your website on search engine results. By incorporating commonly used keywords in domain name it is possible to make a site easily searchable.

Expert help is the best help

If you want to purchase a domain name that you are going to use extensively throughout your site as well as in any marketing or advertising activity, it is imperative that you consult domain name specialists. A lot depends on domain name whether it is to get organic search engine traffic or to establish a separate identity online. If your business has to grow in a competitive environment, getting the right domain name is mandatory. It can lead to success or failure for your business.

If you are not familiar with web intricacies it is ideal that you find freelancers who can do this job for you. Joining business networking websites for this can be a great way to find top freelancers around the world. One can also launch domain name contest online and collect hundreds of names from different contestants. This is a cost effective way to find suitable domain name as only the best domain name selector gets the awarded money. For further consultations regarding choice of extension, one should always ask professional help.

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