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What's In A Domain Name
by Guy Siverson August 11, 2008
Recently I was reading an article about One would think that this to be a site about dogs or at least animals, but no. It's actually a search engine type website like,, and/or at least in part are in their own right.

18 Tips for choosing a good Domain Name
by Aaron P July 21, 2008
You will find out 18 really very useful hints on how to choose a good domain name.

5 Important Things to Consider In Choosing And Registering A Domain Name
by Fields Marshalls July 08, 2008
In this article we talk about 5 important things to consider when choosing and registering a domain name. Watch the short video below for some quicktips on things to consider in brainstorming, choosing, registering and promoting a domain name.

Choosing domain name for Affiliate Marketing Success
by Zack Lim June 25, 2008
It is essential that we lay a good foundation. This applies to affiliate marketing too. It always helps to start out your affiliate marketing efforts on the right foot. You have probably spent some time studying exactly what you're going to do whenever you start to work on the Internet. You browse through all of the marketing forums, look through the affiliate networks and then chose some decent programs. You probably even have an idea of what you're going to do to promote it. All of this is good but what about choosing a domain name?

Your Internet Home Business Domain Name Is Critical
by Guy Siverson April 30, 2008
I wanted to get up and scream, STOP! But I think I was half stunned from the pure ignorance being displayed by people in my field. See, when choosing a domain name you want to use your strongest.

What is Name Strategy?
by Joe Davison April 14, 2008
Name strategy answers the question, "What is the best way to leverage a domain name asset?"

Picking Quality Keyword Domains in 3 Quick Steps
by NameClerk March 24, 2008
In a pinch, there are 3 metrics you can quickly check to determine the profit potential of keyword domains. The domain’s keywords should be checked for keyword search volume, monetization potential and keyword frequency.

The Perfect Domain Name
by Lathum Nel September 05, 2007
Every good site should have a worthy Domain Name. Here are a few easy steps to help anyone narrow down their search.

Choosing a Domain Name
by John Farina May 21, 2007
In this article you will learn how to chose an effective and memorable domain name and learn how you can actually increase traffic by using an old, expired domain name.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name
by Michelle Howe April 19, 2007
Selecting the right domain name is one of the most important business decisions you can make. When you have a business online, you are competing in a global economy with millions of other websites. Here are some tips to follow in choosing a domain name that makes it easy to find your business on the Internet.

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