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Branding Your Business (or Yourself) with Your Own Exclusive Domain Name
by Jim Neessen April 04, 2007
This is the article to read before you go out and register any domain names. Learn about the benefits of registering your own domain, tips on choosing your domain name, and ideas on how you can get the most out of having your own personal domain name.

Registering domain names with the right company is crucial
by Dickie Armour January 31, 2007
More and more companies are going online and a great many of them rely on their websites for more than 60% of their revenue. So it makes sense to ensure that your domain name is in the hands of a reliable, reputable and professional company.

How to Choose and Purchase Your Domain Name
by Alicia Forest November 28, 2006
One of the very first steps you need to take when setting up your business online is to choose and purchase a domain name for your website. Learn the easiest and best way to do so in this article.

7 Strategies to Choosing an Effective Domain Name
by Donna Gunter November 27, 2006
Your domain name is the beginning of the establishment of your presence online, The process of picking the "right" domain name takes some time and thought so that the domain name serves you well into the future.

Choosing a Domain Name
by Matt Jackson October 23, 2006
The domain name of your website has the potential to promote your service, attract search engine traffic, and retain visitors. However, a poor choice can do the complete opposite. Choose wisely.

Making Money From Domain Names
by Sinta Makah October 03, 2006
One of the reasons for the value of domain names is that even without advertising or marketing, they attract clients seeking services and products who simply type in the generic name.

Buying Domain Names
by Joanne King September 26, 2006
Are you in danger of a “copycat” stealing your traffic? If so, this is a very important article to read…

SEO Tools and Tricks
by Scott Jones September 25, 2006
The benefits of using multiple domain names to add extra protection, improve ranking and increase traffic. Multiple domain names may cost extra, but the benefits well out way the cost.

Benefit of Expired Domains
by Mike Freije September 20, 2006
There are many benefits for picking up an expired domain name, unlike a new domain name, the expired name already has traffic that can come from search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host of other promotion methods.

Finding Appealing and Available Domain Names
by Sinta Makah September 18, 2006
Despite the pervasive groaning and head-scratching when it comes to trying to think up “.com” domain names that remain available, it’s still possible to find great domain names by using creative naming tactics.

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