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Picking a Domain Name
by Vishal P. Rao
When it comes to choosing your web site's domain name, you need to keep a few things in mind: Your domain name should relate directly to the product or service you provide. Avoid picking a name that is vague or misrepresents your company.

Domain Naming for Prosperity
by Pavel Lenshin
Too little has been told. The things that I’ve heard make it even worse. Better nothing, then worse.Tell me your Domain name and I will tell you how successful you are.

What's in a name? - A guide to choosing domain names
by Michael Bloch
Choosing a domain name is a big decision. When I originally started trading under "Taming the Beast" years ago, a search on that phrase didn't bring back too many results.

How To Create Profitable Domain Names
by Lee Hodgson
Earlier this year, I took time out in order to test the widely-held view that "all the best names had gone". In the space of two months, I registered nearly two hundred domain names - one hundred and ninety .coms, and ten .net addresses.

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