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Jeffrey A. Solochek
September 21, 2006

Jeffrey A. Solochek
Jeffrey Solochek is the Purple Cow of today's writers always adding his own unique wit and humor to everything.
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They always say that when choosing a domain name use keywords in it but I had to figure it out on my own because no one actually will tell you how to do it. After reading the tip about using keywords I came up with the domain vet the truth be told I had created a new keyword because unless somebody actually entered tipsonhowtosavemoney as one word in the search box they would not pull up my domain. I at first thought that the search engines would be able to see the words tips, save and money in my url but that isn't the case. You have to separate the keywords with hyphens.

When my wife and I started web hosting we registered the domains coastal-georgia-hosting ,com and .net. This way anybody who searches on the words coastal or Georgia or hosting will have a good chance of pulling up our domain. In order to get higher rankings the search engines like to see the domain and the title of your site to be the same so the title on our hosting site is Coastal Georgia Hosting. People, companies, who register their company name as a domain are basically reinventing the wheel for instance Bob's Sloppy Joes as They just invented a new keyword.

I figured that people doing a search for hosting providers have a good chance of pulling up our site. The same goes for anybody search on the word Georgia or coastal. When they do a search for both Georgia and hosting at the same time the chances that our site will show up in the results are even greater.

Some experts say not to chose too long of a domain name but I don't buy this. If you choose a domain name that has 15 keywords in it then you have increased your chances that your domain will show up in the results of somebody doing a search on one or two of those keywords. Now if you also use your domain name in the title of your site then your chance are even great that your site will come up more often.

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