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How to register an official domain name

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Olesya Breus
February 06, 2008

Olesya Breus

Olesya Breus is a business lady with large management and self-emplyed experience. She is a great motivator and leader giving you all the "self" strategies: self development, self motivation, self employment.

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Choosing the correct domain

If your company decided to open your site in Internet, first you should do is to register a domain name. Taking decision about the name of your future site is quite a serious process. The main criteria it should sound the same as your company. The properly chosen domain will allow your permanent and potential clients to remember it. When you took a decision make a small test. Before registering your domain name call your acquaintances (take about 3 people), those who does not know your company, ask him/her write down the domain name without spelling it. So people should manage to write it without spelling.

Register domain name. Shell you delegate someone to register domain?

People who proceeded the procedure knows that after registration you owes domain for 1 or 2 years and can open sub domain for branches of your company. Registering your domain name for corporative purposes use only dot com, dot biz or special for your country. The procedure of registration is very simple and takes about 3 minutes. You can use pay pal to register domain or other payment systems. Hosting for domain you can purchase from registrar or from hosting company which can provide you discount domain name registry.

The hoster company will provide you with data of DNS server to place it in your admin panel. I want to predict you from doing a mistake «never ask your host to register domain for your» not all the hosting providers are icann accredited domain name registrar. Better do it yourself to be sure that domain is registered officially and under your company name. Remember domain is your asset. When you invest your money in promoting your web site, be sure it will increase capitalization of your company. If you decide to sell your company, domain name and your web site will be in the package of your assets.

Long run after registration

As for me I like hosting providers who gives you good management panel, where you can manage your files, Content Management System. In this panel you can add and manage you mail accounts. It is very convenient especially for such not professional user like me. My provider has very polite and professional support team, so don't be afraid to be alone in the forest. There is no devil as he is painted. Try to read manuals forums for the topic and doors will be opened for you.

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Title: Thanks August 27, 2008
Comment by beth

Thanks for the article to help understand domains better.



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