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Choosing a domain name can be one of the most difficult aspects of web development and online market

Now, with over 100 million websites consuming the ever dwindling supply of domain names, we are forced to pull out the thesaurus and simply settle for a domain name that contains some hint of what our business has to offer.

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Beth hibbs
August 28, 2008

Beth hibbs

I'm Beth. Despite appearances,  I'm not some kind of activist. I may write about controversial issues like Sino-American relations and the suppression of democracy in China, but I don’t protest in the streets and I most certainly don’t want to lead the next revolution. China can’t be changed overnight and it certainly can’t be changed by a few blogger writing away in the back-rooms. So I’m not even going to try to change it, only to write about it.

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Expired Domains - These are domains which were previously registered in which the company went out of business, or simply forgot to renew the domain! Many tools are available to help your search for expired domains.

Domains for Sale - More often than not, your search for any given domain name will come up unavailable. Don't give up on that name just yet! In some cases, this domain was purchase for the sole intention of resale at a higher price. There are online services devoted entirely to the process of negotiating the sale of domain names. One such service is sedo.While Sedo charges a fee to negotiate a domain sale on your behalf, there are other options. Yes, you too can be a "domain negotiator".
Example of a good domain:

Your first step is to find out how to contact the owner of a domain that you wish to purchase (or at least see if it's for sale. Simply provide the domain name, and they will return more information than you ever wanted to know about a domain name. Specifically, you'll need the Registrant e-mail or phone number. Contact this registrant and provide your offer to purchase the domain. After the negotiation process is complete, you'll be the proud owner of a new domain, or the current registrant will simply laugh at what he considers a rediculous offer and move on!

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