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The Ins and Outs of Registering and Protecting Your Business Domain

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Boris Dzhingarov
August 08, 2018

Boris Dzhingarov
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You may see advertisements explaining how easy it is for business owners to first find, purchase, register, and host a domain, and then to set up their own websites. And while it is true that you can physically navigate through the process so long as you have a working computer and credit card, the truth is that you can end up making some huge blunders along the way.

Unfortunately, people do not know much about websites. They do not choose the right color for design, have no idea what elements should be included and rarely know advanced concepts like online marketing or SEO. Just the simple act of searching for available domain names on certain websites can trigger a chain reaction that may actually cause the domain in question to quickly get snatched up and parked indefinitely.

How to Register a Business Domain the Smart Way

Registering your company domain isn’t as simple as typing out the name of your company and then choosing the extension you want it to have. First and foremost, someone else may have already purchased the domain that you want to use. If this is the case, you might want to try and work with a domain broker that might be able to acquire that particular domain. There will be fees involved, and the process can take a long time. Even then, the party who has agreed to sell you their domain might back out of the deal. Unless you have a legally registered trademark and copyright claims to your company name, it is going to be a long, hard, uphill battle to get the corresponding domain.

What Private Domain Registration Consists Of

You may have a professional business address and a business line that you use to keep in contact with customers, but do you really want that information to be publicly associated with your company website? For one, it will be easier for competitors to go snooping around and possibly uncover details about you either personally or professionally. Spammers can more easily add your business email address to their rolodexes, causing your inbox to get filled with trash instead of orders. Most business owners find that private domain registration is the way to go, so be sure to choose the private registry option at the same time that you purchase or broker a new business domain.

Keeping Your Business Domain Out of the Wrong Hands

After you have successfully reached the point of buying the right business domain, you have a few more important decisions to make. You might want to buy up all of the most obvious domain extensions there are available, just so that you don’t run the risk of someone trying to poach off of your success. Then, there’s the question of how long you want to register your business domain for. If you only register it for a year, you might accidentally forget to renew it and have it purchased from under your nose, drastically diminishing your branding efforts. At the same time, you don’t really want to register your business domain for the next century because of the obvious.

If all business owners were simply able to go online and purchase their own business domain names, many more of them would be doing it themselves rather than paying brokers. You could end up purchasing what you think is the domain you think that you want only to find out that you failed to pay the party who actually owns the rights to the domain in question. In most cases, going with a domain broker is the best move that you can make when you need to get the business domain that matches your company name.

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