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Must-Read Tips For Domain Name Registration
by Maneet Puri November 05, 2007
If you are an average internet user, then you must be pretty familiar with the term 'domain name'. In layman terms, it is a unique name given to address a particular website each time you visit it on the internet. However, technically speaking, a domain name means much more than that.

My "Free" Domain Name Cost Me $99!
by Dr. Vernon R. Sandel September 26, 2007
The free domain name that comes with many web site hosting plans is often registered in the name of the host. Letting your internet hosting service provider have control of your domain name is pure folly and dangerous. The safest way to avoid problems is to register your domain name with a registrar (under your name of course) and host your web site with a different internet hosting service provider.

What is a domain name? The domain name is important for the web hosting services
by Anna Berk September 14, 2007
This is an explanatory article about what is the meaning of term "domain name" and the essence of domain name registration.

Web Services and Url Registration
by Neil Parnham July 26, 2007
Choosing an appropriate domain name is very important. First and foremost, when it comes to domain names, try to stay away from the silly, stupid, ridiculous or clever. Keep your domain name simple and make it something your customers can remember if they lose the link to your business website.

Domain Registration: Quicker Way to Create a Domain Name that Sells, and Snap it Up Fast!
by Soon Chai Lim July 20, 2007
Be the first to "hi-jack" the domain name you want. Read this article to find out how...

Registering A Domain Name
by Mahesh Kumar February 16, 2007
A domain name requires to be registered, if you want to use it online. Domain name registration is very important task in setting up your website online. It is pretty easy to register domain name.

Using Promotional Domains to Avoid Problems and Increase Sales
by Willie Crawford November 21, 2006
Every affiliate marketer should use promotional domains to avoid countless problems and to substantially increase sales. Here's how and why you absolutely must use promotional domains if you're a serious affiliate marketer.

Behind the Scenes of Setting Up a Website
by Adam Justin Mcleod October 17, 2006
Behind the scenes of setting up a website. From buying your domain to getting the world to see it. This article explains the process involved in registering your domain, organising hosting, dns hosting and tieing it all together.

Registering Your Domain Name
by Alex Welz October 10, 2006
Registering a domain name for your business is one of the most important things you could do. It helps brand your image, and adds a level of trust and integrity to your site.

No BS Domain Names
by Jeffrey A. Solochek September 21, 2006
Do you make these mistakes when registering a new domain name? i will sho you how it is really done if you are looking to acheive fist page rankings.

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