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Domain Name Registration - What Steps to Take
by Josh M September 19, 2006
Domain name registration is the first step to start your website. Like naming a newborn child, your website too requires a name to be known and referred to on web. Domain name registration is about identifying your website on the net.

Expired Domains Targeted Website Traffic
by Mike Freije June 21, 2006
An expired domain name is a lot like a used car. You can't really be sure who owned it and what they did with it before you came along. With a used car, you risk having some high repair bills - which is bad enough. But a used domain name can be much more expensive. The wrong name can cost you traffic, search engine rank, and respectability!

7 Reasons To Register Trademarks - NOW
by Milord Keshishian June 20, 2006
Registering your trademark is essential to its protection. In today's Internet economy, seemingly local businesses have may have an international presence and must protect their trademarks by registering them.

Tips to Make Domain Name Registration Easy
by Stephen Wright May 30, 2006
Registering a domain name can be a very straight forward activity – or it can be labor intensive, stressful and a total waste of your time and hard earned money. With a few simple basic tips and some advance thought, you will be on “the easy path”.

Legal Issues about Trademarks and Domain Names
by Peter Goldberg May 16, 2006
Trade marks are a name or symbol that are used to distinguish the goods of services of a particular company from others. Similar to copyrights and other signs of intellectual property, the effects of the trademark system is territorial. This means, that each country has its own trademark system.

Dead Domains - how to give them a decent burial!
by Margaret MacGillivray October 13, 2005
If your web site isn't working for you, you should have a good exit strategy for your domain name.

Is Your Domain Name In Trouble?!
by Alyice Edrich May 26, 2004
How long ago was it that you purchased your Domain Name? Is it time to re-register? Check your expiration date today! If you have six months or less on your contract, re-register today, before something happens and it's too late.

Psst..wanna register a domain?
by Michael Bloch April 10, 2004
Found a cheap domain name registrar? It may cost a lot more than you think......

Give Domain Registration Information a Second Thought
by Lee Hodgson
Enter Honest and Complete Registration Information WHOIS data is very poorly protected by privacy laws, and is in fact available for any company to buy for $10,000 or less.

How Do You Purchase A New Domain Name?
Purchasing a new domain name requires two steps. * You must pay for the domain name itself. You must "park your domain name" somewhere. This means that you must provide the name registrar with a server location on which your domain name will reside.

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