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Are we running out of web addresses? What do you know?

Are you prepared for the future of the Internet? Have you secured the domains for now and the future? Will you be a victim of technology? The future of the internet from home to business will dominate our world.

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Tom Quilon
September 30, 2008

Tom Quilon

My name is Tom Quilon, I have been a student of the Internet since 1997, I have owned and operated 5 successful start-up businesses. I have been involved in intensive study of internet technologies and e-commerce for 3 years and counting. I have thousands of hours of practical experience on the internet, interacting with computer professionals of various levels. Owned and operated Computer Trainers computer company, in Colorado Owned call in radio talk show called “ask the computer guy. Owner of several online, work from home or office businesses. Contact me at: Or call 719-266-2330

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This is a first in a series of articles taking a close look at , the internet, internet addresses, internet domains and how they relate to the average internet user, and in particular those that have a desire to  explore  financial success utilizing the multifaceted media we call the” internet”. I am writing this article on September 25th, 2008.  Headlines on several news outlet websites read as follows, “Internet running out of addresses, experts warn”. They reference, Dr.Vint Cerf, often called the "father of the internet" and one of the world's leading computer-networking scientists said, “Businesses and consumers need to act now to switch to the next generation of internet addresses”. Unless preparations were made now, he said, some computers might not be able to go online and the connectivity of the internet might be damaged.

This is a serious contention, if true; this could have an untold number of ramifications both good and bad for those online and for the future generations of internet users. One of the obvious by-products of a limited amount of anything is, it drives the value (in most cases unreasonably so) up.  As we have already seen and know, there are some web domains/addresses that already have a very high dollar value if one would want to purchase them.

Are we going to see the most basic web address’s skyrocket in price? And, who controls the remaining web domain/addresses now? If anything, we can at least acknowledge that there is something going on that may change folks lives, for the better or possibly worse because of a lock out. A potential lock out from the internet is an interesting concept to ponder.

When you start to see all that is controlled or dependant on the internet and personal to you, it can be most beneficial for all of us to posture ourselves in such a way so as to take full advantage of the new internet that is rumored to be just around the corner.

How do we get the best domains? What are the best and available web addresses? Will I be able to get the address for my business? Is it true you should get a newborns name secured in a URL? Will the Internet become a socialist entity, using collaborative Urls? What about the Global economy on line? Will high paying jobs be exclusively performed on the Internet because of the numbers? We will dig into all these questions in some detail as we travel this road together. 

First, were going to define the internet, not in the super technical terms that are often the description offered when the subject arises, but more of a practical or so called “user friendly” analysis of the internet. First and foremost the internet is very simply a medium to deliver information and or receive information. So the internet is a communication device.

Yes, yes it is, however, the Internet also effects how we feel (more on this later). The Internet affects our health and body.  Is the internet detrimental to our safety? As you may have guessed I am a firm believer in cause and effect, inter-morality vs. societal-morality and the effect it has on our lives and our pursuits on the web. When the average user logs on to the internet, there is a strange phenomenon that occurs, there is a moment of uncertainty mixed with an unreasonable confidence that I believe comes from a false sense of anonymity when surfing the Web.

When the average user begins to realize that every time they join the internet there usage is being monitored, either passively or directly, it begins to override the confidence we once enjoyed and brings us to a place where we want to be a part of this medium and yet feel secure. Here’s where the challenges begin, when we seek to define the internet. Is it good? Is it evil? Is it true? Is it a scam? Can I have confidence in privacy? Are there really honest businesses/jobs to be part of? Can I believe anything anymore or do I believe everything?

When the internet is such a big part of our lives and has so many residual effects on our emotions, it becomes very difficult to define the inter-sphere without adding an emotional ingredient. As you can see I have provoked consideration of “what is the internet to me”. In doing so we can begin to see that as you experience the internet there is growth that occurs not only technically but emotionally that brings about a sort of evolution in the interaction we have with people and our future, using the internet as a tool. So, that to me is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to defining the internet. Needless to say it is an incredible tool. Used correctly it can be very rewarding. Misused or misunderstood it can lead to devastation. I will refer to a quote I saw online, don’t know who authored it but they were right. It goes like this, “Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the net, and customer response. There is always a reason for what happens, good or bad, and that reason is, YOU!”

I am absolutely convinced of this statement and its truth. I firmly believe there is opportunity to grow. Once there is an understanding of how all this works together our confidence in discerning truth and character from hype and rumor begins to increase.

In this series I will talk more on this issue and welcome your insights.

 Be careful out there, its liquid energy going on!

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Title: Good article - Think the new .Me will help September 30, 2008
Comment by James

Good article - Think the new Dot .Me will help.
It has had world record sales and getting more popular every day.



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