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What is Twitter? Tweet? Impact on Domaining?

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January 28, 2009


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Twitter is a website which allows you to connect with people of like interests (family, friends, coworkers,same interests groups,…) through a blurt, SMS, or texting fashion. It is becoming so popular, your mom might even be on it by next month. When you leave a message on it is called a tweet. (If you already know about Twitter and just want the juicy Twitter Domain info, skip to the bottom.)

Twitter Logo for Tweets and Domains and Websites

Twitter Logo for Tweets and Domains and Websites

Twitter can be pretty addictive to some because of its ease of use, interactivity with your community, and its texting nature. You are only allowed to type in 140 letter which includes spaces. This make you, and most importantly others consciously make messages concise and to the point. Twitter also makes it easy to make friends or ‘follow’ other twitters. This allows you so see all of the other users twitter updates and lets you communicate with them. Basically people follow and are followed.

The reason the following feature also make Twitter attractive to some is people want to be heard and some people want to hear. On everyone’s main Twitter page, it clearly shows how many users that particular twitter is following and being followed by. Anyone can click on either following or followers. When you click on either, you see a list of users. You are able to click on any of the users and see what topics they have been laying tweets about. If you are interested, you may follow them also. All the while, anyone can do the same to you. This comes in handy and drives relationship.

This relationship building is one very important way domainers, whether domain sellers, domain buyers, or domain developers. They can use twitter, by building relationships with like minded people. A domainer can network with other domainers, content providers, web developers, and others. Hell you might even find someone who is not a domainer but is interested in one of your websites. Did I hear end user sales? The domainers dream. :)

Twitter allows you to gain and share knowledge fast and efficiently. If you build up enough friends you could possibly help or be helped with questions at any time of the day. Don’t get me wrong, twitter is a great place where people are sharing their life events, but you also see many tweets about how do I do this and that. Technical questions work well on Twitter because as I mentioned earlier, some people want to be heard and some want to hear. Tweeter who want to be heard love to help and answer those hard questions. Questions were people outside of twitter would pay hundreds of dollars to figure out. Keep in mind, there are doctors, lawyers, high-paid web designers, artists, professional mommies, and more on twitter so the knowledge you receive will be as good as your Twitted company.

Back to a domain specific twitter benefit, for domainers who develop their domains into blogs or websites, twitter makes a great extension or component of a domain. A perfect example is how savy big businesses are using twitter to connect to customers. Allow people interested in your domain niche connect with you and your site through a twitter account made specifically for your domain. This domain twitter method can also drive up the value and price of your domain if they both work smoothly together. Keep in mind, a twitter account and a domain relationship will not work in every situation. If you are using Wordpress for your website, I recommend this wordpress plugin to integrate your website and your Twitter account.

Like any social network it is very important to give more than you take. If you stick to this motto on Twitter you can really become successful. For goodness sakes Don’t Be Spammy! Promote others, help others with questions, be sincere, give your tweeters what they want and your efforts will come back ten fold.

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