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Best expired domain auction VS worst expired domain auction

Best expired auction with worst buyers stats & tools

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Pavol Sipos
April 13, 2009

Pavol Sipos

Domain trader, expired domain name catcher and webmaster

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Title is quite misleading.

I just want to write small article about SnapNames.
SnapNames is much better then competition as Godaddy got huge amount of domainers so almost all prices go skyhigh. got quite weak inventory.

But SnapNames got great short LLL, NNN etc. domains, they've got generic domains, they've got domains with decent traffic or thousands of backlinks - all for affordable prices.

But what's worst? They don't offer ANY statistics, so it's really hard to pick good domain.

So I want to announce awesome daily generated list of expiring domain names in SnapNames auction.

Each domains has these stats:

1. Domain Name
2. Number of bids
3. Current bid
4. Pagerank
5. Pagerank validity factor - in % (anything over 50% is valid pagerank, domains with 30-50% factor are probably valid, but pagerank will probably decrease over time)
6. Alexa rank 3 months average
7. Alexa rank 7 days average
8. Yahoo backlinks (all - both dofollow and nofollow)
9. Google backlinks (these are dofollow, but google doesn't show all)
10. PPC max - estimated PPC for detected keywords - sometime helps
11. US traffic in % (from Alexa)
12. HQ traffic - total US, CA, UK, DE, JP traffic. I know, there are other high quality traffic countries, but they mostly doesn't have significant amount of visitors)
13. Domain age
14. Auction ends

I hope this will help you buy some precious diamonds from SnapNames inventory :D

My site is totally free and will remain free. If you appriciate it, please tell your friends -> this way everybody will be happy :)

Thank you.

You're all welcome.

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