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Top Link Building Blunders That Every SEO Newbie Should Take Care to Avoid

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Mike Miles
July 28, 2016

Mike Miles

Mike Miles is the CEO of a leading Utah SEO Company. Mike’s company specializes in optimizing e-commerce sites of small and medium businesses that often cannot afford a dedicated SEO team

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Once upon a time not so long ago, link building used to be quite simple. You could just build links however and wherever you fancied and you were good to witness your search engine rankings rise. Today, the process is infinitely more complex, harder to execute, and riddled with misconceptions that are largely due to its legacy. What this means, essentially, is that everyone who is relatively new to link-building ends up committing the same mistakes that every rookie SEO practitioner makes. If you are unversed in the art of link building, here are some common bloopers that you can take care to avoid:

Preferring Quantity over Quality 

Every SEO practitioner has possibly succumbed to the temptation of building a lot of links at some point in time or the other. However, you need to appreciate that the purpose served by a single high-quality link can be far better than what is achieved by including lots of arbitrary links. The reason why newcomers to link building opt for quantity is because low-quality links are invariably far easier to acquire than the superior ones. However, there’s really no way you can make up the lack of quality with quantity. Apart from giving your SEO a boost, high-quality links can serve to reinforce your branding and also generates referrals. The inclusion of low-quality links, on the other hand, can lead to search engines penalizing you by driving your site ranking down in such a way that may make recovery very difficult, if not impossible even by an experienced Utah SEO company.

Over-Optimized Anchor Text

A number of years back, it was mandatory for anchor text to be optimized so that you could have an effective link-building strategy. Now, the situation is radically different as anchor text in inbound links is regarded as unnatural, and hence manipulative, and could get you penalized. The best way of getting around this problem is to have anchor text that is naturally written and helpful to the visitor. A catchy well-written text that incorporates the title of the page you are linking to is seen to be effective in generating the best click-through for an Internet marketing company.

Not Paying Due Attention to Content-Quality

For your link-building strategy to be effective in generating a healthy click-through, you need to embed them into text that users find relevant, informative and useful. If your sole intention is to push through a body of content just as a carrier of the links, it will seem artificial and attract the attention of Google to penalize you and drive you down in the SERPs. It thus makes sense to pay a lot of attention to ensuring that the quality of content on the website is top-grade.

Failure to Diversify

When you start building links, you need to make sure that your strategy is diverse, which basically means that you need to depend on using multiple external sources that have a strong authority. You need to keep on changing your distribution patterns and that too in a way that seems random. While that is fairly hard to execute, it represents the only real way of obtaining tangible benefits from the link-building campaign.

Overlooking Mentioning Brands

Brand mentions are a very important component of the overall authority of your site, whether they are linked or not. It is very important that you do not neglect them.

Not According Importance to Relationships

The most enduring way of getting inbound links is by building solid relationships with a diverse set of publishers. It is important that you realize that a single link-building opportunity can be a gateway for you to build an ongoing relationship based on mutual trust and benefit that will allow you to publish guest blogs and articles, earn valuable inbound traffic as well as exposure to new target audiences.

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