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Digital Signage is the Future of Retail Marketing and Branding

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Brandon Carter
December 14, 2016

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is a tech expert who takes a special interest in the evolution of advertising and marketing holing the hands of technology. Find out more about the relationship of digital signage and increased sales from his upcoming blogs.

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It’s no secret that digital signage or dynamic signage is taking over the marketing and advertising world. But have you noticed that these signages have also started to make way into our daily lives? Did you notice the digital signboard flashing new loans, investment offers and current rate info at the bank earlier today? Or the board that hosted the information about the new brands launched at the shopping mall? These are all forms of dynamic signage that is being used every day to inform us of new events, updates, brands and offers.

Where are you most likely to spot a digital multimedia signage?

These have found places at every possible institution and organization. Let us see the places that rely heavily on dynamic signage and the messages that are most commonly displayed there –

  1. Hospitality – these signboards are very conspicuously placed in the lobbies and foyers of hotels and banquets. The most commonly display information about upcoming meetings and barker TV channels.

  2. Healthcare – hospitals make use of such digital multimedia signage for displaying public health advisories, service ads and barker TV channels.

  3. Travel and transport – you can easily spot the next digital sign you see at the airport or the bus terminus with arrival/departure information. They are also used for in-vehicle advisories and ads.

  4. Corporate communications – large corporations have their own in-building signage that is most commonly used to display public safety notices, upcoming meetings and events and corporate safety training programs. They can also be used inside specific departments for displaying achievements and sales goals tracking.

  5. Retail – retail has accepted digital signs as their messiah for the new digital marketing age. These are now being used to advertise in-house brands, new offers, new products and back-room sales training programs by noted retail stores.

  6. Government institutions – you can spot them in quite a few government buildings as well. There, they are mostly used for making public service announcements and community announcements. They are an excellent medium for spreading Amber Alerts and other emergency notifications.

What makes digital signboards the favorite of many marketers and business owners?

There are quite a few factors that have contributed to the popularity and success of these digital signboards. Let us give you a brief idea of the many factors that make them famous –

  1. They are a one-time investment. You do not need to pay overheads and service charges every month or every year for the display services.
  2. You are in complete control of the display content. You can edit the content from your PC or smartphone before uploading on the local cloud/storage.
  3. You do not need to hire a digital expert or graphic designer for running the digital signage once you have them in place.

Digital multimedia signage is an excellent way of enticing your potential clients and customers. And at the same time make them aware of what you are selling. It is also extremely effective as a training tool for retail and in corporate communications.

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