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Simple Steps To Choosing A Company’s Domain Name

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Jenna Cyprus
March 02, 2017

Jenna Cyprus
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A company’s domain name is almost as important as their actual name.  It requires plenty of thought and consideration to choose the most appropriate domain name.  A company’s domain name is their identity on the internet.  It is crucial to choose an online identity that will draw people’s interest. 

A domain is more than just a web address.  It must be recognizable and easily committed to memory.  A domain must be an accurate representation of the company’s primary focus as an organization.  Here are a few more helpful hints to choosing a company’s first domain name. 

Make it short and sweet

When choosing a domain name for any type of business, keep the wording short and sweet.  Try to choose something catchy that represents the product or service being offered.  For example, a domain name like would certainly have to do with robots, right?

Use Dot coms

Unless otherwise appropriate, choose to work with a dot com over any other suffix.  People are most familiar with this format, and other notations like doc edu suggest a particular type of information. For example, if the business is marketing an online education, then it might be better to grab a dot Edu web address.   

Utilize keywords

Research specific keywords that are best for drawing interest.  Google’s ranking system works on keyword manipulation, among other things.  It behooves a company to choose brand specific key terms to incorporate into the creation of their domain. 

Target a specific group

Know the company’s primary target audience before beginning the process of purchasing a domain name.  For example, if a business is focused around providing toys for children, something involving fun, play, and… well, toys would be best. 

Avoid hyphens and numbers

Placing hyphens and numbers into a domain name makes it far more difficult for people to just stumble upon the site.  Hyphens and numbers in an address create room for errors.  They are unnatural characters in branding, and it is altogether better to avoid them at all costs. 

Use appropriate URL extensions

When choosing the domain address of extension pages, the same rules apply.  An appropriate URL extension will describe what it is linking.  For example, an internal page link to green socks might be  Simple linking will allow individuals to memorize and pass on addresses more easily. 

Protect the brand

Protect the brand by purchasing the rights to many different similar variations of the final chosen domain name.  This method ensures that no imposters can set up imitation sites to rival original domain owners.  For example, if the original domain name is, it would be wise to also purchase,,,, and any other variants of the host site. 

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