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10 Proven Strategies that will Boost Your Business Blogging Efforts

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Perez Olivia
May 12, 2017

Perez Olivia

Perez Olivia is a copywriter and business writing coach. She has written many articles that are similar to the one above that outlines 10 tantalizing tips to help supercharge your business blogging efforts. Follow her work online for more insight.

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Thousands of articles are shared on a daily basis on blogs all over the internet. Blogging has definitely become a worthy course of managing your business, whether small or big. You need to incorporate this aspect of management to see some improvement in brand performance.

For those who are already blogging, this aspect is already clear to them. However, there lies a challenge to all this frenzy. Some bloggers have not seen a boom in the people reading their blogs, hence no effect of blogging to their businesses. How can you boost your blogging efforts? Well, the following ideas will come handy.

Publish only the best content

A key element here is to give your audience your best publications. You could have a few drafts on your workstation at a time. In order to get the best out of your blog, do not be afraid to share your best pieces, especially the ones you feel you can sell at a fee.

Blog interviews and web seminars

One of the greatest tips is to interview a renowned person who will give a deep insight on the subject matter to the public. It is a wise move since the person being interviewed will also share the blog with his/her audience. This will play a great role in popularizing your blog.

Use Guest bloggers

When you find yourself out of time and content to share with your audience, a wise idea often used by some bloggers is to invite a renowned guest blogger to publish on your blog. This will give your audience a new perspective of your content.

Trimmed focus

At times, it is necessary to focus on a specific group of individuals and publish a blog to attract their attention. Trying to impress all readers can be difficult. This strategy ensures your reader visit your blog for more personal posts later on.

Conversational tone

It is a brilliant idea to involve your audience in your posts. Ask questions in the course of the blog to stimulate participation. One-sided narratives tend to be boring to readers and this may make them fail to revisit the blog later on.

Proper grammar

Mediocre writing puts off many readers. It is important for you to check and ensure that all your articles are up to standard on the basis of proper grammar and spelling.

Be yourself

For you to stand out amongst the many blogs that there are out there, you need to be as original as possible. This can best be accomplished by portraying your true image. Uniqueness is very important to captivate your audience. Display your personality, passions, and interests to make the readers feel connected to you.

Deal with negativity positively

Blogs have a comment section. This is where most of the hate is spewed online. You need to find a rational way of dealing with such negative posts in order to be perceived as a calm person. Spiralling out of control following atrocious comments only hurts your brand.

Try to own a personal domain

Many bloggers use accounts that are supported on blogging platforms. In as much as this is a simple way of blogging, research shows that having your own domain makes your blog more likeable, hence captivating your audience. Working on a blogging platform has been perceived as working for someone else. Independence is a way of showing prosperity.

Commit to a publishing schedule

Plan the publication of your articles such that they come out regularly. This has been shown to draw and keep readers to some blogs. Anticipation for the next blog is satisfied better when the readers know when the next article will be published. However, you don’t need to overstretch yourself by publishing daily. It can be at intervals that best work for you.


The dire need for blogging for businesses has to be met with proper blogging skills. Outlined above are 10 tantalizing tips to help supercharge your business blogging efforts. Try those that work for you and see a great change.

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