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Simple Ways to Avoid Losing Your Domain Name

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Derek Iwasiuk
September 27, 2017

Derek Iwasiuk
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Once you purchase a domain name it’s yours to use as you see fit. Of course, you’ll need hosting and a content management system to get your domain connected to the internet. However, domains eventually expire and they can also be transferred to different registers if they aren’t locked. So, without having the proper security setup you can lose your rightfully owned domain and have little recourse. Students enrolled in an information assurance program know the best ways to keep domain registration secure, but you can get a crash course in keeping your domains safe even if you are a layman. First, keep your domain registration information to yourself and never allow anyone else to log in to make changes on your behalf. Next, keep track of when your domains are going to expire so that they don’t get snatched up by someone else. Lastly, don’t share what domains you own with the general public.

Go for Private Domain Registry

Did you know that when you purchase a domain, all your contact information becomes public? This means that if you are the administrator of your website, you can expect your name, phone number, fax number, address, and email address to be posted publicly, and it’s going to be associated with every domain that you purchase. At the onset, this doesn’t seem to be a very big deal, but having your domain registry information listed publicly can make you a target of phishing scams. You could end up with very official looking emails that request your account information. Opt for private domain registration where available so that no one knows what domains belong to you.

Renew Your Domain Name Years in Advance

You can get a domain for as little as one calendar year, but you can also register a domain for decades at a time. For whatever reason, a lot of people choose to register a domain for shorter periods of time. In truth, you might not know if you even want to hold onto a domain for more than a couple of years. Online MSIA program graduates might want to get the domain names of their legal names for professional reasons and register them indefinitely. It’s very difficult to forget to renew a domain name if you have it registered in advance for several years.

Keep Your Domain Name Account Passwords Secure

The only other way that you risk losing your domain is by enabling an unauthorized person to get access to it. All passwords that you use on the computer have to be secure and not easy to guess. You’d be surprised how many people use their telephone numbers, street addresses, or even the names of their children as their passwords. The long and short of it is, secure passwords are almost impossible to crack.

Your domains are your property for as long as you have them set to be renewed. If you want to transfer your domain to a new registration company, you should ensure that the transition is smooth and secure. Follow these simple steps to keep your domains and websites under your control.

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