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How to Use the Latest SEO Trends to Your Advantage

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May 22, 2018

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As any small business owner who’s been paying attention over the past few years has surely noticed, SEO is a tricky thing to master. Partially because so few people understand how Google’s algorithm works, and partially because the nature of SEO changes frequently, many companies struggle to implement SEO best practices and increase their website’s online presence. The good news is, with a little research and some hard work, you too can use the latest SEO trends to your business’s advantage. And to that point, here are four new ways to optimize your web pages:


Create Rich Content

The longer your web pages and blog posts are, the more likely Google will recognize them as quality posts. Don’t skimp and cut corners when writing content for your website. Rather, use your specialized knowledge to build hefty web pages with substantial information. Your human readers will love the resource you provide, and search engines will recognize the value inherent in a masterfully written pillar page.


Geotarget Local Leads

The first step toward creating a stable business starts by laying the groundwork in local areas. Specifically geo-targeting certain areas around your company’s HQ will ensure that nearby consumers will be aware of your product. Indeed, this is one way to get a leg up on national companies that might have more resources than you do.


Prioritize Speed

A fast-loading website is something that has obvious benefits to any business. However, it may carry even more prominence than you first thought. That’s because how quickly your web page loads can have an effect on your SEO capabilities. So alway perform regular maintenance on your site and ensure that nothing is broken or lagging behind.


Be an Optimist

It can be easy for business owners in niche markets to get discouraged; to think that they’ll always struggle to bring in qualified leads, and that no one is searching for the products they offer. Remember when you’re feeling down, though, that in all likelihood, someone out there needs exactly what your business is offering. Given the sheer magnitude of searches across the internet, the odds are in your favor. So don’t be afraid to optimize pages for obscure keywords like cell culture roller bottles, or novelty air fresheners. In the long run, your business will benefit from your optimism!


Final Thoughts

The best way to guarantee that you don’t get caught behind the latest SEO trends is to make it a point to educate yourself and your staff. Attending conferences, subscribing to blogs and newsletters, and in general making it a point to emphasize your SEO efforts will eventually allow you to reap the benefits of a greater online presence as a result of your hard work.

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