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Domain Registration Tips

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Alice Seba
June 12, 2004

Alice Seba

About the Author:

Alice Seba is the editor of and author of An Internet Based Mom's Guide to Marketing Your Website ~ ~ an essential guide for any mom with a cyber business.

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A domain is your web address. Our web page's domain is

Be sure to register your own domain name when you start a web site. You can use a web address that your Internet server provides you, but a domain of your own is far more professional. Besides, what if your Internet provider goes out of business? You lose your domain, email address and all the customers and search engines that knew where to find you.

It is worth spending a bit of money registering your own domain and paying to have it hosted. You will also receive email addresses that contain your domain name; this looks very professional and is a great advertisement for your site.

Choosing a domain is not the deciding factor of your site's success, but it sure goes a long way to creating a first and lasting impression. Put some thought into your domain and make it as descriptive if possible. Also, decide what the purpose of your site is. If your main goal is to attract people to join in your home based business plan, then take that into consideration. If your main goal is to sell your product and maintain customer relations, then consider that when choosing your domain.

For example: would be an acceptable name for selling your home based business idea would be suitable for selling children's books.

You may want to consider having separate web sites for your recruiting and selling activities so you can target specific keywords (words people would enter into a search engine to find your site) in your domain name (if applicable), but of course - these should always be linked together. If your product is a well-known brand, you would be wise to include it in your domain name. If not, include important keywords in your domain.

For example:

or with a key word

Make it something easy for people to remember and not too complicated. It should be something people can type into their browser by memory.

Protect Your Good Name
Experts say it is always a good idea to register all the variants of your domain name to protect someone from stealing your virtual identity. You are unique and you want to stay that way. Even if you have a trademarked name, it will save you a lot of hassle to be prepared.

You can purchase .net, .org., .biz, etc. variations of your name. In addition, you can purchase hyphenated versions of your domain name. For example, we have registered, among other domains.

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