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Top Reasons that Prove WordPress is an Ideal Platform for Startups
by Catherrine Garcia November 18, 2019
Presence on internet has become a critical aspect for every business today, including the startups. The startups have innovative ideas, but they usually don’t have much for investment. At the time of building a website, they want to do it economically while leveraging every advantage of their online presence.

4 Ways Domain Owners Can Keep Their Data Safe
by Elena September 24, 2019
Buying, developing, and selling web domains can certainly be a very fulfilling and interesting experience, but like every other kind of investment, it comes with certain risks.

The Importance of Web Application Security and Data Protection
by Kristel Staci August 26, 2019
The protection of your company information and that of your customer data should be of the utmost importance. It seems like every day we are hearing about a new data leak or hack that jeopardizes hundreds of thousands of user's personal information, and nothing is being done about it.

Why Customized WordPress Themes Are Not Always Necessary
by Ricky Brown August 14, 2019
Once a potential WordPress site runner has taken the time to meet with an app development company, they will often ask about custom WordPress themes. Custom WordPress themes are often believed to be the backbone of any well run site but this is not always the truth. Any app development company can guide their clients towards WordPress.

The Ins and Outs of Starting Your Own 3D Printing Business
by Elena June 04, 2019
The industry of 3D printing is, at this moment, very much a burgeoning and lucrative industry. Across the globe, businesses large and small are making use of this field to transform their marketing efforts and take their branding to a whole other level.

Digital Maintenance For Your Computer System and Your Online Sites
by Jenna Cyprus May 29, 2019
At some point, a lot of people at least try setting up their own website or working with domains. It can feel like very alien territory, especially if you're not used to operating in that kind of a digital environment.

Framing Your WordPress Site Using MySQL Database
by Barrack Diego March 01, 2019
If you are designing a WordPress based website, and planning your database management right now from the beginning of the project, while visualizing the increasing load on your site database in future, then you must learn about MySQL.

What You Should Know About Domain Branding
by Lisa Michaels January 07, 2019
If you are thinking about launching a new business venture, you will need a quality website for it. Before you can launch that site, you must first settle on a domain name and register it.

Domain name selection – What you should do to get it right the first time?
by Charlie Brown November 23, 2018
A domain name is not a website address, but much more and business owners have to be very careful in choosing the name for websites that becomes an identity of the business.

All You Need To Know About Managed Dedicated Servers And Their Levels Of Management
by Andrew Stevenson September 13, 2018
Dedicated servers are simply owned by the hosting company and leased to the user through an agreement between both parties. Managed dedicated server slightly differ with the dedicated servers because they are managed and maintained by the hosting provider rather than the clients who purchase them.

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