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Search Engine Optimization Tools, Helps, and Hints.

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Jon Kerby
June 07, 2007

Jon Kerby
Jon Kerby is a search optimization specialist for Browser Media. To view browser media's solutions to website optimization go to BrowserCMS.
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Search Engine optimization is of two kinds, Organic and Mechanical. Organic SEO depends on manual or natural ways of optimizing a website and takes more time resulting in long lasting results. Mechanical SEO use software i.e. seo tools to optimize a website. It takes less time but results have a shorter shelf life.

SEO tools are numerous. They are available for keyword verification checking and suggestions, link popularity checks, meta tag optimization, search saturation checking, back link building, search engine ranking etc.

The seo tools are being extensively used today to optimize websites. In the fiercely competitive industries it is very important to be on top of Google, Yahoo or any other search engine rankings to tap targeted audience. This greatly helps to sustain, grow and expand your business through your website.

Each category of seo tools in turn has number of software developed by different companies. It is relevant to know which are good before you embark upon using one. Almost all of them have demo versions available for free download. You can always try them out before narrowing your options and buying the best. Remember, SEO tools are only tools; one should use them with a lot of prudence lest the search engines black list you.

Some of the more useful and popular ones are:

Google Analytics

Search Status Toolbar (for browsers)

Market Leap’s Link Popularity Checker

Seo Chat Tools Section

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

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