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Ways of driving traffic to your site (apart from being listed in search engines)

Simple tips to drive traffic to your site.

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Ashutosh pratap
January 02, 2009

Ashutosh pratap

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(1) The most popular and effective source of  traffic to your website (except search engines) are FREE CLASSIFIEDS(websites offering free ads service). A recent study showed that around 25% of the traffic comes through via free ad links. Just be smart enough to post a high quality and attractive ad that will draw attention of the people.Getting traffic to your site with this form of advertising is relatively easy. You are bound to get large traffic from classifieds  because these classifieds websites are regularly spidered by search engine spiders and link to your website through this classifieds websites act as incoming/inbound links,which increase your PageRank.

(2) Other guaranteed ways of driving traffic to you website is to register with some traffic exchange website, but traffic generated will be quantitative not qualitative.Bravenet has a very nice reciprocal link traffic exchange program.

(3) Add your websites to free directories.There are a lot of them available. Even search engine like Google and Yahoo depend on these directories for listing websites since they are very compact and well arranged ,if your website is listed in these directories,then you have a high probability of generating high traffic to your website.Dmoz is one such free directory.

(4) Join social networking site or discussion forums. Start a discussion about the topic your website deals with and most important ,leave links during discussion which directs to your website.Top five social networking site are listed below.

(i) Facebook

(ii) Myspace

(iii) Orkut


(5)Search for other websites or blogs that deals with the same niche as yours and leave interesting comments on them with a link to your site.This is one of the best ways for generating traffic because during this process you are increasing the number of incoming(also known as inbound) links to you site

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Title: very informative article January 8, 2009
Comment by lazard bliss

Nice article!! Seems like a new blog but your article on improving your page rank was also very useful and very helpful too.

Title: Free Ads January 3, 2009
Comment by Free Online Advertising

Great article, I found a few sites that offer free advertising... and another great post about how to get your new website listed on goolge. Heres some sites. and here is the post



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