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Basic Consepts of Search Engine Optimization

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Yulia Gervais
June 08, 2009

Yulia Gervais

Yulia Gervais

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When using a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, people usually choose to visit the websites closest to the top left of the page.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves moving a website as close as possible to the top of a search list in order to increase the site’s traffic.  Experts in this field often use keywords and phrases as well as the overall design of the site to increase the ranking of that site.


Search Engines


Typically, search engines use numerous factors to rank websites.  The main job of a search engine is to do a keyword search.  This search matches a keyword or keyword phrase and provides the user with the most relevant articles and websites.  Search engines use algorithms with many variables in order to find the most relevant article based on the keyword or phrase.  This does not necessarily mean that the sites featured as most relevant contain the most of the keyword or phrase.  Many variables are involved in ranking sites which produces better results but makes Search Engine Optimization more complicated.


Basic Search Engine Optimization Concepts


In order to implement SEO, a website designer will generally make sure that the site contains many SEO keywords and  phrases in strategic locations throughout the website.  He or she may also change the HTML to make the site more search engine friendly.  These concepts are somewhat basic and have been being used since search engines first started being used in the mid 1990s.


There’s More!


Though making sure that the website has many keywords and phrases is very important, there are other secrets to Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines also take into account the uniqueness of the content, the overall design, ease of use, quality of content, and the number of inbound links.  There are numerous other factors as well, although not many people know them.  Google uses over two hundred different factors in determining its rankings.  It should be kept in mind that some things can effect a rating negatively; the search engines do not concentrate exclusively on positive factors.  Experts in Search Engine Optimization know more of these factors than most people but much of their work is based on conjecture.  Search engines add more factors frequently in order to prevent webmasters from promoting unhelpful sites.  Fifteen years ago, filling a site with keywords would be enough to rank high on a search engine’s list.  This is not the case in the present.  Generally, if a website is of a very high quality, it will rank high with the search engines.



Since most people only look at the search results on the first few pages of a keyword search, it is important for websites designers to use SEO concepts  Many factors are involved, not just the quantity of keywords.  In general, if a site is designed intuitively and contains unique quality information, Search Engine Optimization should not be a problem. in order to move closer to the top of the list.

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Title: seo optimization June 9, 2009
Comment by aafter search

There are a number of factors that are taken into account when a search engine looks for relevant searches. The key is to present your keywords in an orderly and meaningful manner, no matter how many times you include it. A meaningless series of repetitions is not very effective. Your content needs to be relevant, concise and the keywords need to be spaced out properly.



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