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How Picking a Domain Name is Important for SEO Purposes

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Athena Jasper
November 18, 2009

Athena Jasper

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One of the very first things you will have to with your website is also going to be one of the most important things with your business. What we are talking about is of course picking a great domain name. There are several reasons to why and how the domain name is as important as it is today. In this article we will take a look at it this topic from the perspective of how to get the most traffic to your website with the help of your domain name.

Find a matching domain name

You might think that this tip is very obvious but still we have noticed that many website owners tend to neglect the basic rule of looking for a matching domain name. With “matching” we mean a name that is the same as the name of the website itself. This is important as you want your visitors to be able and find your website in no time at all.

If you fail to find a matching domain name you might confuse your visitors and hence they will not remember the name of your URL. Try to look for something that is short and easy to remember. There are a couple good, and free, domain registry tools that you can use.

Keep it short

We just mentioned this tip but it is extremely important that you look for a domain name that is short. This is because it will be easier to spell and remember for your visitors. This simple trick can increase your website’s traffic quite substantially. An important thing to mention though is that you should not keep the name short just for the sake of it as it might steal from the power of your branding.

Use keywords

This can be quite difficult as many of the best names already are taken but if possible, try to find a domain name consisting of your single most important keyword. In taking this approach you will have greater chances of ranking high(er) when people search for this specific keyword. Many of the most obvious names will be taken but take some time and brainstorm like never before – it will be worth the extra time.

Time to get creative

Generic domain names will always be popular but picking a creative domain name can also prove to be successful. If you cannot find your first alternative it is time for you to get creative. Let us for example say that you wanted the domain but it was already taken. If this would be the case you could for example try to find variations such as or It can be a tad difficult to start with, but once you get your creative juices going you will have every possibility of finding a real gem.

Needless to say but once you find a domain name that you like – register it immediately! Do not wait as chances are that someone else will like it as well and register it before you have the chance. If you are successful in finding a good domain name it will be well worth all the extra efforts. Your website’s traffic and brand will both increase like you never thought possible.



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