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The SEO Advantages of Blogging You Can’t Miss

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Michael Kelley
May 09, 2017

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley is an SEO expert who has been involved in the optimization of several very high profile brands in the lifestyle and travel sector. Extremely passionate about the subject he has written a series of articles on “discover the SEO benefits of blogging” theme.

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As a communication medium, blogs are extremely popular with businesses, big and small, because it allows them to communicate directly with their target audiences and customers regarding industry news and developments that is of interest and relevance to them. As opposed to the corporate website, blogs are relatively more informal and concise, and typically updated more frequently. While blogs play a very important role in the dissemination of information, they also have a huge positive impact on SEO. Let us discover the SEO benefits of blogging.

Enhanced Online Visibility

When a blog is hosted, you are able to significantly widen your reach. This is primarily due to the fact that search phrases typically yield results from blogs. A more diverse search results page is thus generated. Blogging is a very effective way of adding fresh content to the website without actually disturbing the structure of the website. As you add fresh content the number of pages of your site that are indexed by search engines increases, and this plays a central role in boosting page rankings and attracting more traffic.

Easier To Achieve Ranking for Specific Keywords

If you are endeavoring to achieve a superior page ranking for specific keywords, for example, “debt consolidation” then the ideal way is to dedicate a blog that discusses various aspects of the subject. When a group of people is searching using the mentioned keyword phrase, it is pretty much obvious that they want to know about debt consolidation. This is exactly the sort of users that can be relatively easily converted to hot leads by offering debt consolidation services at affordable rates.

More Indexed Webpages 

Every search engine wants their search results to be authentic, trustworthy and credible simply because their reputation and ability to attract users depends on how good the quality of the search results is. Among the many ways, search engines try to evaluate how useful or relevant a website is to the user firing a search query, one method that is particularly significant is the number of pages of a website that have been indexed. Building a very large website with proper hierarchies and navigation can be a fairly tough and arduous job, but with the help of a blog, the number of pages can be boosted exponentially with relatively little effort.

Becomes Simpler to Acquire Links

While there are a number of ways of building backlinks, one easy way is to write a blog with content that is better than that of others and which can be used as a good reference by other sites. You can be sure that when the blog content is discovered by other site managers, they can include a link to your site, which in turn will drive traffic to your website and act to increase your authority. To increase the success rate of the backlinking, you can engage in an active outreach program with websites in the same industry to make them aware of the value of your blog content.


Blogging is a relatively easy way to keep on adding fresh content to your website that is so important to Google’s search algorithm as it believes that users are interested only in content that useful, relevant, and most importantly up-to-date. Not only does blog content offer you the opportunity of adding content with specific target keywords for better ranking that serves to drive more traffic but also aids in acquiring quality backlinks and enhancing site authority.

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