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Reasons that should encourage you to take up guest blogging for better SEO performance

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Charlie Brown
March 29, 2018

Charlie Brown
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It is imperative for marketers to establish themselves as knowledgeable business entities so that viewers find reasons to stay attached. By creating quality content on the website, marketers take the first step in telling the world that someone worth paying attention to has arrived. By using various SEO tactics that help the site attract more viewers; the content receives the attention it deserves and starts paying back in the form of building backlinks. However, the exposure remains limited to the capabilities of the website, which is the vehicle for promoting the content. 

To gain wide exposure, it is necessary to find out some other vehicles of promoting the content simultaneously. This is only possible by developing a relationship with other good quality websites that are relevant to the business niche and then finding ways of placing your content or blogs on those websites. You may even use those platforms for hosting fresh content too and link it back to your website. Yes, this is what guest blogging is all about. When you contribute content to some other websites, you gain ready acceptance as an authority in the field that further increases your value as a marketer. In this article, we will discuss the SEO benefits of guest blogging that remains relevant for marketers just as it used to be some years ago.

Drive quality traffic to your website

When you publish your blogs on other relevant websites, you can be sure of one thing that the traffic flow to your site would experience good increase.  Besides creating high-quality content that is informative and relevant so that it contributes value to the audience, you have to choose the host website carefully so that it has the powers of providing value through sharing and linking of the content.  Through extensive sharing, more traffic would automatically reach your site whose link you have embedded in the content.  Since the traffic generates from a good quality website where you have posted the blog, the quality of traffic is also good.

Develop your authority

The experts at SEO York use guest blogging as an easy and fast way to make your business gain authority in the domain. People believe in the saying that birds of a feather flock together and use the philosophy to identify websites that demonstrate good authority.  When your guest post appears on a high-quality website, people accept it as a sign that the post also is of good quality, which it truly is. Had there been no merit in the post, would the website owner have agreed to publish it?  Guest blogging provides value earned by being in good company, and the gains are pretty fast. You can build your authority in just a few months and not years as some would believe.

Build your online influence

 By demonstrating your authority through good quality content that receives wide exposure, you are now able to influence the thoughts of the audience.  The audience has accepted you as a credible source of information and solutions, and whatever you say has a lasting effect on them. You acquire the power of prevailing upon the audience and influence their thought process, either positively or negatively. When you post your blogs on other websites that are higher in authority, you reach the audience that is new to you and get the scope of leaving a lasting impact that would draw them closer to you.

Build search engine authority and domain authority

By taking to guest blogging, you enjoy the dual benefit of building search engine authority as well as domain authority.  When you post the blog on an authoritative website that has good rankings, the blog would get its share of the website’s goodwill and would earn high Rage Rank.  It happens almost on its own without having to implement some SEO strategy or doing some hard work in earning links.  The post does not only attract more visitors but also keeps moving up the rankings based on some competitive keywords. All gain happens without taking any extra SEO initiatives. You earn backlinks to your blogs that lend it more authority in the eyes of search engines.

More exposure, more brand awareness

Even when you are blogging for others, your brand garners a lot of exposure to it as the audience discovers the brand linked to the blog.  Although the blog post would drive some traffic to your website, it would perhaps receive many more views that spread the good word about the brand.  As the number of viewers keeps multiplying, the traffic is flowing to the website automatically increases. By seeing your brand name so many times, viewers would become curious to know about it and reach your site.

Besides making SEO gains, guest blogging helps to build your social media profile too; this is like the topping on the cake.

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