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Why is Integration of Social Media Buttons Important in a Web Design?

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Charlie Brown
November 06, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Social media is highly harnessed today to bring traffic to a website. And this is especially useful for e-commerce based sites. Although websites associated with organizations, educational topics, nonprofits, charitable institutions, portfolios, etc. also demand traffic, and they also get high quality targeted traffic directly from social media and social sharing sites. Altogether it’s the magic of social media which brings you recognition on the online market and brings viewers to your site.

Hence, it’s much crucial that viewers who come to your site through one channel, link, or social platform also comes to know about your presence and activity in other social media sites too. After all, why are you putting so much of effort on social media; definitely to let people know that you are present here and there too!

How social media integration on website design makes a difference?

There are many reasons for integrating social media on your website design. Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • Until and unless you show off your social links on the site, people won’t know about your broad and diverse social media presence. One who came to your website through Instagram, will not come to know about your presence on other social media sites like LinkedIn, twitter, tumbler, etc. until and unless you specify on your website that you are linked to so many social networking and sharing sites.


  • When people come to know about your activity level on social sites, they regard you highly as a good networker and business owner, who is active and connected to all happening places and people, and also interact with clients and people. This creates a good impression, and your reputation gets elevated.


  • Social networking bees love connecting to the same business through various networks. If such users happen to find your presence on all popular networking sites, they will surely connect with you everywhere.


  • When you make your users follow you in every popular social media site, then you make them see your activity which includes sharing of essential events, facts, stories, marketing and all. And people will know about your multiple social media presence mainly through your website which contains the links embedded there by design.


  • Social media presence is much essential, and to show it off and tell how active you are to connect to people and the common man is even more critical. This creates an image, a brand, a reputation, and recognition. Hence a website design which shows off your social media links in the most noticeable, attractive, and prominent way is the ideal pick.

What to look for in social media-centric website design?

Designers while making website designs which exhibit the social media links, always include some features into the site design. When you are selecting one such design, you must always look if the following requirement is met:

  • Is the social link just a boring link or quite prominent and noticeable
  • Is the link located on such a place of the design prototype where eyes reach easily
  • Do the links look colorful and are sized well for easy locating

If the answers to these questions are all yes, then you have the much-needed website design which will show off your social media icons fashionable, stylishly and prominently.

If you are custom designing your website?

If you have given the site design contract to a web designer, then you will have to tell your requirements to the designer. While the site gets designed, you will have to create your accounts and set profiles on all relevant social networking sites, and then you will have to link these profile links that are publicly viewable with the social media accounts. You will tell the designer which social media links you have and accordingly icons for them will be made and shown on the website.

Using readymade website designs

If you are using a content management system like WordPress or Blogger, then you will get some website design which is already themed and designed with some features. And many such designs give utmost importance to social media sharing. You will be able to show your social media connections quite quickly by just setting your links from the backend to the design. You can search for such design online through easy keywords like social media based WordPress themes etc.

The effect of integrating social media on website design

If the website design shows off your social media links well, then you will be able to tell people about your presence and will be able to draw interested viewers to your social profiles where you do better marketing and promotions for your products. It’s much easy to get Facebook and Twitter followers and get Instagram views this way.

Are social media based website designs available free?

You may get many designs free to download, but they will not come with the developer support. The main difference between free and paid designs is that free designs get very little or no developer support at all. You download and use them as you wish. However, it's a good point to know that free designs with social media links integrated, are available which you may use if you are a beginner and on a small budget.

Why go for social media link showing website designs?

Social media links or buttons on a website always gives impression about the site and business such that they are active, have significant presence on networking and social media sites, and they are ready to answer clients for every query, and therefore okay to initiate business with, do transactions, buy things, go for contracts, etc.

Concluding notes

When you are getting a website design which shows social media buttons or graphics etc., always keep in mind that you must choose or get designed something beautiful, fresh and unique. Designs also go old with time, and whatever attracted viewer attention a year back is now not fresh and going gradually obsolete. Hence the more you target and find new designs on this, the better for you, as you will impress users better with it.

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