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4 Digital Best Practices to Ensure Consistent Lead Generation

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August 23, 2018

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Every business experiences peaks and valleys. That much is unavoidable. In fact, even highly profitable companies will endure tough quarters from time to time. Still, the best business owners understand how to ensure stability through good times and bad. And one of the best ways to achieve this equilibrium is through consistent lead generation. After all, virtually every company is reliant on drawing in leads to generate revenue. So if you’re looking to build a solid lead pipeline for your website, consider implementing these four practices within your web strategy: 


Continual PPC Management

Lots of companies employ pay-per-click advertising as part of a wider marketing strategy. However, considerably fewer businesses actively manage those accounts to produce the best results. If you haven’t touched your PPC ads for months, then you’re unlikely to garner the kind of results you want to see from your investment. Tweak, update, adjust, and monitor your PPC ads closely; otherwise, you’re just wasting money and making a big mistake.


Social-Media Engagement

Social media can be an amazing tool that businesses can use to connect with potential leads. Or it can act as a digital graveyard where blog posts and articles collect dust. What you get out of social media usually depends on how much work you put into it. Simply dumping old blog posts on your social-media channels and calling it a day won’t engage potential leads and get them interested in your product. Rather, if you want to make an impact with social media, you need to prioritize it and communicate with your followers often.


Functional & Responsive Web Pages

Plain and simple, there’s nothing worse than managing to get a lead to your website only to have something go wrong on a technical or logistical level. Faulty web pages, unresponsive links, error messages, and ecommerce store blunders are absolute poison to a growing business. If you’ve had trouble with your website or managing orders through your ecommerce store in the past, make it a priority to fix today. Consider calling in an outside web developer or 3PL consultant if need be. The negative effects of a malfunctioning ecommerce store aren’t worth dealing with.


Post-Sale Customer Service

Too many businesses fall short of providing dynamic customer service after a lead has completed a sale. This is a major misstep because customer service is integral to generating leads in the first place. Your current customers are the people leaving reviews and spreading your brand through word-of-mouth referrals. Not giving them the attention they deserve will make them feel alienated –– and cost you in the long run. Remember, your interactions with a customer are just as important after the sale as they were before it.

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