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Benefits of Free Paid Domain Parking

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Lee Hodgson

Lee Hodgson

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Want to get paid to park your spare domains? Fancy knowing in real-time how many visitors these names receive?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you should consider setting up your names with a domain parking service. Here are some of the benefits of a typical paid parking service:

  • Revenues earned from pay per click or pay per impression search engine.
  • Easy to set up, with the parking service providing the hosting.
  • Optional "For Sale" notice can be added to your parking pages.
  • Real-time stats tell you exactly how many users are arriving at your domains.

If you only have a few names which are unlikely to attract many visitors, then it probably isn't worth the effort. In fact, you will be lucky to find a domain parking partner that wants to work with you ;-)

However, if you have a significant number of domains, especially trafficked domains, then now is the time to get yourself signed up and convert those names into dollars.

I have been using one such service for a few months now and been delighted by the results, especially since all revenues are paid out on time! Names that generate high quality searches are earning $3 to $10 CPM through the pay per click program. And the $3 CPM program is an excellent alternative for names with lower quality searches.

By parking my spare names, I am not only turning them into instant cash, I am also learning which names generate type-in traffic and how much. Not only is this fascinating information in itself, it also helps decide which names are worth the most money should I ever decide to sell them on. Traffic numbers can also reveal any domains that might not be worth renewing...

If, like me, you have been disappointed with domain parking services in the past, please visit our domain parking partner now. And don't forget to tell them where you heard about their service!

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