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Domain names for marketing: getting listed the smart way

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Keith Jardine
June 04, 2004

Keith Jardine
Keith Jardine
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A while ago I registered a domain name for a company, I built their site and then marketed the site in the usual manner, and got listed in all the popular search engines, I spent hours and probably weeks trying to improve their listing. After a year the company ceased trading and I was left with a domain name that was listed in all the search engines, was regularly visited by the googlebot, and many other spiders, but with a dead site. Instead though of letting the the domain name drop from the search engine listings I decided to try putting new client site home pages on this domain name. The home pages had links to the new site (absolute urls rather than relative urls).

I found to my astonishment that instead of waiting months to get listed in google, altavista and alltheweb the new client site was listed in just four days, and it didn't cost a penny.
To conclude register a few "marketing domain names" that you can use to create your own express listing service. The advantages are that the "marketing domain names" you have registered are constantly changing with fresh content, therefore improving your ranking and in turn creating more spider activity and at the same time getting a faster listing for your new domain.

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