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Why El Cheapo Domains Will Cost You Money
by Niall Roche May 15, 2006
Your domain name defines how seriously you take your online business. Learn how cheap and free domains could actually cost you money.

Is Your Company Name Killing Your Online Business?
by John Buchanan April 08, 2005
I would be willing to bet that you spent a good deal of time coming up with the perfect name for your company. Am I right?

5 Tips For the Perfect Domain Name
by Niall Roche April 02, 2005
What is a domain name? A domain name is the location of your website on the Internet. Your domain name will be what you become known by online so it's important to get it right.

Tips and Tricks To Getting Top Money for your Domain Names
by Dayne Herren April 02, 2005
Would you like to be that lucky person who sells their domain for thousands or even a million dollars? It IS possible to find quality domains and resell them for huge amounts of money. The time is ripe for acquiring top domains and selling them.

What’s In A Domain Name?
by Sibyl McLendon April 01, 2005
Choosing a domain name is a very important first step for anyone starting a business on the Internet. This name is the first impression that strangers are going to have about you and your business. You are going to need to give this decision some real thought.

How To Boost Affiliate Profits Using Secret Domain Tricks
by Dave Lovelace March 28, 2005
Want to increase your affiliate link click-through rates and profits?Then you'll need to learn how to master your domain.

Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name
by Syd Johnson March 15, 2005
An effective domain name can help to brand your site. It can also communicate to your customers the types of products you sell online. An easy to remember domain that describes your services should be the goal of every site owner. Here are some techniques that you can use to create the best domain name for your company.

Changing domain names & preserving rankings - mod_rewrite
by Michael Bloch March 12, 2005
In a previous article, I outlined some tips that can save your traffic and rankings when you rename or move around a few files on your current web site, or change domain names - by implementing a .htaccess 301 redirect.

10 Ways To Ruin Your Online Business with an Inferior Domain Name
by Steve Baba July 12, 2004
Since every website needs a name, Dr. Steve Baba has written a free ebook that explains how to select domain names, which is free at Below are the top ten most common mistakes.

Domain names for marketing: getting listed the smart way
by Keith Jardine June 04, 2004
A while ago I registered a domain name for a company, I built their site and then marketed the site in the usual manner, and got listed in all the popular search engines, I spent hours and probably weeks trying to improve their listing.

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