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Create Income With Expired Domain Traffic 2

How Ultsearch uses the PPC Search Engines

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Ken Johar

Ken Johar

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Ken Johar
Ken is Founder of and has experience working as a professional domain speculator and investment advisor. He has written numerous articles and tutorials on the topic of expired site traffic.

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To give you an idea of how Ultsearch uses the PPC engines in his grand scheme, consider an example.

There are 4 parties in the process: -- An advertiser who runs a gambling site

Bob -- An Internet user who likes gambling

Ultsearch -- Operates 50,000+ PPC link sites

Overture -- A PPC company. Furnishes search results for Ultsearch's site.

In this scenario, let's suppose that would like to rank first among the search results for the search term 'casino' in all sponsored search matches. goes to, creates a new account, and then proceeds to bid, for example $3.50, for each successful click to its site from any PPC result sponsored by Findwhat.

This is where Ultsearch comes in. Ultsearch has worked out a partnership/affiliate relationship with Findwhat through which he receives a cut of the bid amount generated from each successful clickthrough to that originates from one of his Websites.

And Bob, who likes casinos, happens upon one of Ultsearch's many cookie-cutter Websites. He notices that there is a link for casinos, so he clicks that link, and is taken to a list of sponsored results for casino sites. Noticing's top ranked listing, he clicks the sponsored link, and proceeds to for casino fun and excitement.

How Does it Work?

In this example, pays Findwhat $3.50 for referring Bob, as this was the amount it bid per click. Findwhat then pays Ultsearch a cut (30-50%), as the referral originated on one of his sites. Net take for Ultsearch: $1.75 for one click.

So it follows that, if you run Websites that receive lots of traffic, you can partner with PPC search engines like Findwhat to split the revenues generated by each click to a sponsored listing that originates on one of your sites. The revenue per click will vary depending on the search term, from just 1¢ to over $20 per click.

As an example, the term 'casino' currently has a maximum advertiser bid of $30 per click by Royal Casino! In contrast, a less commercial term like 'paintings' has a maximum advertiser bid of only $0.33 per click.

Now this is all fine and dandy and thousands of individuals on the 'net now affiliate with PPC engines in one capacity or another to boost the potential revenues they can achieve through their Websites. Yet we've only barely scratched the surface on how Ultsearch operates.

A Real World Example - Could This Be You?
To get some background on the way Ultsearch conducts business, let's take a look at the story of The Underdogs, a very popular Website that's home to one of the largest collections of abandonware and shareware games on the Web. In March of 2002, Sarinee, owner of The Underdogs, neglectfully forgot to renew his domain, as he didn't receive the warning emails his registrar had sent him about the looming expiry of his domain.

Unbeknownst to Sarinee, his expired domain was quickly grabbed the moment it became available -- by Ultsearch.

Now, although the domain name changed hands, the site was still heavily trafficked-due in large part to a network of reciprocal link partners and high search engine rankings that Sarinee had established over the years. The Underdogs was still receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, even though the old Website was no longer active. Ultsearch quickly converted the thriving shareware site into his facsimile PPC directory to make money off the established traffic that was still being channelled to the site.

As a side note, many well-known companies have sued Ultsearch over this practice and failed, because what he does is still considered a "legitimate business" under WIPO arbitration rules).

Each visitor, each search, each click to The Underdogs put more and more money in Ultsearch's pockets. With just this site alone, Ultsearch made in the vicinity of a few thousand dollars a day at the hands of unwitting visitors who clicked sponsored links for search terms within his directory. Fortunately, Sarinee was able to buy back his site from Ultsearch for the modest fee of $400-modest because Ultsearch very rarely returns an expired domain to its previous owner.

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