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The Strategy

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Ken Johar

Ken Johar

About the Author:

Ken Johar
Ken is Founder of and has experience working as a professional domain speculator and investment advisor. He has written numerous articles and tutorials on the topic of expired site traffic.

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This brief account outlines the essence of Ultsearch's strategy:

1. Locate expiring Websites that are/were once developed and still receive traffic from search engines and other sites that still link to them.

2. Grab the domains as they expire due to:

  • Absentminded Website owners who neglect to renew their domain names
  • Webmasters who get tied up in other ventures or interests
  • Webmasters who discontinue site operation due to time constraints
  • Webmasters who run out of money and couldn't continue to operate

3. Make money off the continual stream of traffic still being sent to the site by setting up a PPC search engine or any other targeted affiliate program and earning revenue off each successful click.

Ultsearch's strategy is big business, without a doubt. To quote an ex-search traffic partner "Yun Ye's checks are so big that if you saw them your eyes would pop out!" And the fact is, it's true.

What is even more mind-boggling is that only a handful of individuals on the Web are exposed to what Ultsearch is doing. And even fewer are trying to mimic what he has done -- although it remains quite feasible. The whole industry of expired traffic reclamation has been shrouded under a veil of secrecy for a long time. Those in the know would never reveal to an outsider the nuts and bolts of the concept. Thanks to this secrecy, they've quietly gone on to make untold millions by utilizing the expired traffic of other sites for their own purposes.

One of the primary reasons why individuals across the 'net have yet to embrace this ground-breaking strategy for wealth creation is because they lack the appropriate tools and knowledge require to locate expiring Websites that may still be receiving expired traffic. Very rare is the site that puts in the hands of ordinary individuals the valuable tools that might help a person locate an expired domain that still attracted traffic.

The concept is only now beginning to hit the mainstream, but the land rush is already on for one of the most ingenious methods to make money, supplement the traffic of an existing site by redirecting expired traffic to it, or to start a new venture using a site that already receives targeted traffic.

If you understood what we outlined above, you're probably salivating at the prospect of cornering your piece of the market. The wave is about to hit, and a new generation of Internet users are about to discover what has become one of the craftiest ways to make millions on the Internet.

Doing the Math

OK, now let's consider the figures involved.

50,000 sites x estimate of 50 visitors/day/site = 2,500,000 visitors/day

2,500,000 visitors x clickthrough rate of 3% = 75,000 estimated uses of Ultsearch/day

75,000 uses x estimate of $0.40/click = $30,000/day

1 year net = $10.9 million

The closest estimate we have regarding the number of domains from which Ultsearch monetizes expired traffic is roughly 50,000. This is based on our analysis of past domain registration trends and industry sources. Now, if we estimate that Ultsearch is generating roughly 50 unique visitors a day on each of his domains -- a fair estimate given the fact Ultsearch usually only goes for high-end names -- this equates to 2.5 million uniques a day across his network of sites.

The next crucial forecast is the number of people who actually use his search engine. We make a reasonable assumption that 3% of users will click on a link within the Ultsearch PPC directory that appears at the domain they happen upon. We generate this estimate by looking at the clickthrough rates of other ad mechanisms such as popups, banners, and popunders, which all have click rates around 3%. Making this assumption, roughly 75,000 uses of the Ultsearch engine will be generated per day.

Finally, we must make an estimate of the revenue Ultsearch generates off each of these 75,000 successful uses of his site. As Ultsearch only displays high conversion, impulse-type items that appeal to a wide audience, we can make an estimate that the average revenue per click will be $0.40. This is a very practical estimate given that items such as prescription medicines, gambling, and Web hosting, which Ultsearch prominently displays, have individual bid amounts as high as $7 per click.

Given all these very probable estimates, Ultsearch may well generate an income of about $30,000 per day, which equates to a 1-year take of roughly $10.9 million. Needless to say, Ultsearch is definitely the most elusive and successful entrepreneur on the Web today.

Now you can appreciate with some greater comprehension why monetizing expired site traffic is the biggest secret on the Web!

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Title: Search Expiring Domains May 16, 2007
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