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Framing Your WordPress Site Using MySQL Database

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Barrack Diego
March 01, 2019

Barrack Diego
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If you are designing a WordPress based website, and planning your database management right now from the beginning of the project, while visualizing the increasing load on your site database in future, then you must learn about MySQL. Don't worry because; you will not have to learn MySQL programming! But you will simply have to understand the relation of MySQL database management system with WordPress, so that in the future when your database administration team talks to you and discusses specific issues, solutions, projects, requirements and concerns, then you may address them correctly, and things do not land upon you as great technical jargons which you can't decode. Just to make the understanding easier, you should learn the relation of MySQL and WordPress, as this will make dealing with your DBA team easier for you.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open source database management system. It is free to use. In WordPress, it helps you store data, retrieve data, and use all data in the website starting from your login credentials to post contents and website elements and even comments on blog pages.

Relation of MySQL with WordPress

A MySQL platform maintains the database of a WordPress site through the use of PHP language. PHP language is used for storing data and using data. Where MySQL offers the database structure, PHP provides the language to work with that database structure. Hence PHP and MySQL work together to make the database work for using and maintaining and developing the WordPress site. Every element of a WordPress site, including the essential plugins and the themes, etc., depends on the use of MySQL and PHP.

Do you need to learn MySQL for maintaining your WordPress site?

A website can be made and maintained for many reasons. It may be a simple website containing your life’s experiences, food recipes, your pet’s photos or something small scale, or it may be a site on social issues and agendas, or much high scale like a business, product, service, etc. Depending on the site content and importance of the business you will have to decide if you want to hand over the database management to some expert or not. For small scale sites which do not demand extreme use of big data, you can use simple widgets to continue input of content and maintenances. For a big scale site, you will have to seek assistance on this from experts. Learning MySQL on your own is not a solution, as it would take you quality time and practice to learn, which is not a practical option when you have to look at other aspects of the business. That’s why you should better talk to experts who work on maintaining WordPress site databases using MySQL platform.

Finding a suitable database management team

A good database management team is needed to handle site data input and maintenance, and modifications, etc. As the owner of a small scale business site, you may not be ready to recruit database management expert yet. If it's a site at the beginner level, to handle some issue, showcase a project, or start a new business, then you will have to take small steps. You may not be able to afford salaried database experts. In that case, you may take a much smarter step to get things managed with international standards. It can start by talking to a remote database management team. Remote teams who work through the internet by using cloud-based database management, and taking control of your WordPress site MySQL database online, are the best for starting with the project.

When you hire one such remote team or service, then you will have to buy a package from them. As per the package, you would be entitled to a set of services. You will not have to make any investment in hardware or software. Actually, you don't need to invest anything on infrastructure at your end, for managing your WordPress site database management when you work with remote DBA experts. Cloud-based data management and infrastructure all maintained at the end of the experts will suffice the project, and you can entirely rely on your WordPress site database management, development, and entire administration on them. This is a cost-effective solution and works great for those who work with a virtual office or have a small scale setup, to begin with. But then again it's a great cost-effective, efficient measure for big established websites too when you want the database administrative part of being under control round the clock in shifts. You may rely on established names like for this, to begin with.

Why WordPress uses MySQL

Here are some of the top reasons that WordPress sites use MySQL based database management for giving you the best secure work environment:

  • Databases structured by MySQL are incredibly flexible and very much scalable.
  • Money transactions are extremely secure in MySQL.
  • It is open source and free.
  • It is available always and comes with a total of 100 % uptime guarantee.
  • The programming starts immediately, and there is no start lag or operational delay.
  • The platform is very reliable and globally trusted and proven.

These all are strong reasons for people to use MySQL with WordPress.

Challenges with MySQL

There are some challenges with working with MySQL too. And you being the layman may never be able to overcome them without expert assistance. Hence you should leave the entire job of database administration to experts who routinely handles MySQL based WordPress site databases. This will help you look on other aspects of your business while your database gets dealt with by the best hands.

Concluding notes

WordPress sites are highly popular for basically easy handling and site making features. Hence lots of sites are made in this CMS platform. And the combination of WordPress with MySQL is a very stable and secure one, thereby helping many site owners get success from their sites in any domain. You too can be another successful site owner when you get your basics right.

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