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Digital Maintenance For Your Computer System and Your Online Sites

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Jenna Cyprus
May 29, 2019

Jenna Cyprus
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At some point, a lot of people at least try setting up their own website or working with domains. It can feel like very alien territory, especially if you're not used to operating in that kind of a digital environment. The bad part of being unfamiliar with this realm is the fact that you can miss out on understanding potential vulnerabilities as you create your website. That's why digital maintenance is so crucial as you're getting your feet wet creatively online.

Digital maintenance can come in several forms. First of all, you should always have antivirus and adware protection on your main computer systems. Secondly, various kinds of cleaner software can help keep your domain and website work synced and clutter free. If you have a WordPress site, there are plenty of security plug-ins to install that will prevent the worst instances of security breaches. And, as you're working your way through website and domain processes, always keep in mind the importance of encryption, privacy, and availability of cloud services.

Antivirus and Adware Protection

Even if you aren't familiar with how viruses or adware work, you should still install the appropriate software to prevent it. Even if you don't think you're at risk at your home system, it can be too late by the time you find out that a problem has developed. And, if a virus or adware gets into your system at home, it can bleed into the files that you are using to prepare and create your sites online.

Cleaner Software

Another way to stay clutter free on your home desktop system is if you buy and use cleaner software. It can end up being very cluttered on your computer if you are continually adding and subtracting files to the template of your web designs. Cleaner software will help you get rid of duplicates, clean up applications you're using for design work, and show you which large or unused files might be slowing down your performance.

WordPress Security

Lots of people try creating WordPress websites these days, either for professional reasons or just to see how it works. This is great, except there are some known security issues with default WordPress installations. In these cases, make sure that you install the latest WordPress security plugins that will give you sort of an umbrella against any of the most common attacks against websites.

Encryption, Privacy, and Cloud Services

No matter what you do as far as creating websites or working with domains, privacy and security have to be a priority. This means that you should understand encryption basics, recognize where privacy issues may occur online, pay very close attention to what kind of data you put on cloud services, as there have been known to be data breaches in the past with some companies.

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