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Top Reasons that Prove WordPress is an Ideal Platform for Startups

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Catherrine Garcia
November 18, 2019

Catherrine Garcia

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Presence on internet has become a critical aspect for every business today, including the startups. The startups have innovative ideas, but they usually don’t have much for investment. At the time of building a website, they want to do it economically while leveraging every advantage of their online presence.

Importance of website for startups

Having a website right before landing an investment can prove to be an effective step to showcase their ideas, the roadmap to achieve goals, and other key services. Once you are done with the domain finalizing (NameFresh can help) Businesses can reach out to investors, job seekers, and product suppliers more easily and create a buzz about their ideas.

However, the startups find it difficult to find the right platform to build a website, as there are several content management systems (CMS), and web hosting options available out there. WordPress has been dominating the CMS market for last few years because of its ease-of-use, cost effectiveness, and numerous functionalities that can be added just by installing plugins.

Currently, around one-third of the websites on internet are powered by WordPress. Big brands like MTV, TechCrunch, Vogue, and Facebook News are using this platform for their websites.

Why should startups use WordPress for their websites?

There are several reasons for startups to use WordPress while making their online presence. WordPress doesn’t require technical skills, is very easy to use, is a scalable platform, just to mention a few reasons. Following are the detailed reasons on why WordPress is an ideal platform for startups.

1.  Reliability

WordPress is around for more than 10 years now. It is used by millions of websites and supported by thousands of professional developers. The platform has been built using modern technologies and programming languages like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.

The developers behind WordPress take consideration of every little bug or issue and fix everything in the next release. The updates are released on a regular basis, to improve the existing features, add new ones, remove bugs, and make the platform better for everyone. All this shows that WordPress is a very reliable platform.

2.  Extensible platform

The WordPress plugin repository includes more than 50K plugins, available for distinct use cases and functionalities. A startup can add the required functionality easily just by downloading and installing the plugin. For example, a live chat option or email subscription box can be easily added using the relevant plugins.

The plugins make WordPress a very extensible platform, so that users don’t get stuck because of the platform.

3.  Easy-to-use and learn

WordPress is a user-friendly platform that can be learnt easily. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or other technical skills to make a website. All the aspects of a website can be edited, updated, or modified easily and previewed before pushing live.

If any help is needed, the wide community of WordPress developers and bloggers is always ready to help with right tutorials, content, blogs, and videos.

4.  Ideal for all kinds of websites

Many people believe that WordPress is only for bloggers. But that’s no longer a truth. WordPress started the journey as a platform for blogging, but it has transformed over the years to become an ideal solution for building any kind of website. The blog functionality can be an added advantage for the websites.

With WordPress, you can build a website whether it is a corporate site, portfolio site, online shop, hotel site, membership site, and more.

5.  Cost-effectiveness

WordPress is an open source platform that comes with thousands of free themes, plugins, as well as free updates.

For great appearance, you can choose themes according to the desired layout and colors. The only investment required is purchasing the domain name and web hosting.

Further, website development and management generally require help of designers and developers. But WordPress is a user-friendly platform that can eliminate their requirement and save costs of hiring a developer.

6.  Ready for ecommerce

If your startup business is an online store, then WordPress is ready for that as well. Just by using the WooCommerce plugin, the website can be converted into an online store. The WooCommerce is a very popular WordPress plugin, used by around 25% of the total ecommerce websites. The plugin gives complete control to website owners, allowing you to sell products and services in all shaped and sizes.

Further, it also enables affiliate selling through the site, offer custom discounts on products, calculate the amount, and a lot more. WooCommerce also comes with plenty of free and premium extensions so that you can extend the site whenever required.

7.  Mobile-friendly

It has become very important for websites nowadays to be mobile-friendly, because an increasing number of users browse the internet using mobile devices. The amount of website traffic from mobile devices surpassed the desktop devices in October 2016. What this means is that more people will be accessing your website from smartphones and tablets as compared to PCs and laptops.

If your site is not mobile-friendly, then visitors will have a poor user experience and leave the site. On that front, WordPress websites work properly on all devices, so that you don’t have to pay additional attention for it. All you need to take care of is to choose the right themes and tools.

If you aren’t convinced about the importance of mobile-friendliness, then remember that Google now considers this as a factor while ranking websites in search results. If a website doesn’t work properly on phones, then its ranking will get a slight decline. Further, Statista report expects that traffic from mobile devices will account for 63.4% of the overall web traffic by the end of 2019.


Wrapping up:

Having a well-managed website is a must-needed asset for startups. However, to build a site using programming skills isn’t easy while jumpstarting a business. You need a managed site that doesn’t cost much, have good navigation and content, and follows SEO and mobile-friendly approaches. All this can be achieved using WordPress. No doubt, there is no website building platform better than WordPress.

What according to you are more reasons for startups to choose WordPress? Let us know in the comments below.

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