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3 Easy Tips For Building A Great Website

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Jenna Cyprus
June 03, 2021

Jenna Cyprus
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Whether you need to build a website for personal needs or for your business if you haven’t done it before it can definitely be overwhelming. There are tons of great website hosting sites that will make it simple and in many cases these services are free. There are also options you can pay for, or you can even hire someone to set the whole thing up for you. What the best option for you is will depend on your own specific needs, but no matter what you want to make sure the website you build or have someone build for you is great because web presence is super important. Here are 3 simple tips for building a top-top-notch website.


Know Your Brand

Knowing your brand and your brand’s aesthetic is the first key in building a really good website. For example, if your stores are decorated really colorfully you probably won’t want your website to feature a black and gray color palette. If you mainly do business in person, your website may only serve as a way for people to contact you and a place to list your locations. But if you do a lot of business online, it may need to be much more complex than that.


Hire A Web Designer

Doing it yourself is an option, but hiring a professional to design your website will take all of the stress off of you, leave you time to do other important things, and will also yield much more beautiful results. These people know how to make the best website possible for your specific needs and will work with you until your site works and functions exactly the way you want it to.


Get A Good Domain Name

Getting ahold of a good domain name will ensure that potential customers and clients have no trouble finding you online. You wouldn’t want small mistakes like spelling errors to accidentally steer people away from your business. Choose and buy a domain name that makes sense for you or your business, is easy to spell, and not too lengthy. If possible, use the same thing for your domain name as you use on all of your social media handles.


Something as simple as just the name of your business is best, but there are so many websites and social media accounts all over the world that many names are already taken, so you may have to improvise.


Put some effort into designing your website as it is the first thing many people will see when they look you up online. Set it up in a way that is easy to use and expresses your or your brand's personality. Don’t let this experience make you nervous - it should be fun! Allow the 3 tips above to help light the way.

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